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11 Ways Of Mastering The Art Of Public Speaking.

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Public Speaking is the act or process of performing a speech to a live audience. The act of public speaking can accomplish specific purposes such as to educate, to influence, and to entertain.

Simple as it may sound, many are they that find this act to be a tough one hence the reason behind this article is to outline some tips on developing confidence for public speaking.

The first part of DEVELOPING CONFIDENCE FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING is to find out what caused you not to have the confidence. Now, there are a number of things, mindsets and experiences that cause people to have low confidence when it comes to public speaking. Here are a few of them and then we continue:


I. Fear of the Stage

II. Below Average Student: sometimes due to the embarrassment below average students experience from their mates, they tend to develop low self confidence for doing stuff like speaking in public. Some are different though.

III. Previous Failure while addressing an audience.

IV. Too much Attention to their Errors and other’s errors on stage.

V. Underperformance and Incompetence Mentality. These people think they of all people are not competent enough to do what everyone else does.

VI. Wrong Focus. When your attention is on the age demographics, spiritual maturity, academic intelligence etc of your audience, your confidence tends to wane.

VII. Unpreparedness

VIII. Prior Knowledge or Lack of Knowledge About your Audience.

IX. Natural Shyness/Timidity. Some people believe they were born shy so they do not put in the effort to overcome it.

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With that in mind, I want you to understand that all the things that caused your low confidence are legitimate but are surmountable if you’re willing to MASTER YOUR MIND. Once you recognize what the cause of your problems are, it is much easier to address them. However without knowing the root cause, the tips that will be given will go waste.

Below are some ways that can help develop ones confidence for public speaking.

Public Speaking

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I. Adequate Preparation – Know Your Stuff

II. Mentorship

III. Be Bold and Know You are Enough

IV. Focused Mind

V. Maintain your Composure

VI. Identify Your Uniqueness/Style

VII. Appreciate Yourself

VIII. Reduce Perfectionism– Perfectionism makes you to focus only on the perfect side of life, with no room for errors. But hey, we all make mistakes. None is perfect. None is perfect with public speaking. The big names we all know like Barack Obama, Trump, Dr. Otabil etc, all make mistakes once in a while in their presentations. None is perfect. With this in mind, you’ll understand that you too can make mistakes, so no need to worry about your imperfections. You are not perfect, you will make mistakes when speaking in public, so just get on with it and speak. You work on yourself as you go on.
IX. Take the Initiative– One of the most important things you can do to help yourself build confidence for public speaking is to take initiative often and offer yourself to speak whenever there is the need for someone to speak. If you’re in a group, church or company and you realise there’s an upcoming program, offer to be the one to say the opening prayer or MC or give vote of thanks or do something you wouldn’t have ordinarily offered to do. Offer, to do it even when you’re not prepared for it, then go and prepare for it in front of the mirror, and go deliver on stage. When you make mistakes, note them down and work on it. Then try at another program or gathering. Keep failing and learning from your failure. Gradually, you’ll become better at it. The more you challenge yourself by taking the initiative to speak in public, the more you starve your fears. The more you starve your fears, it dies eventually. Then with time, speaking on stage will become soooo normal to you whether or not you’re prepared.

X. Maintain or Prevent Eye Contact

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XI. Laugh at Yourself sometimes. Yeah you read it right, laugh at yourself sometimes when you make petty mistakes and learn from them.

I hope you find this article helpful.


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