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5 Business Lessons You Can Learn From A Football Match.

One may be tempted to ask what 5 business lessons can be learnt from a football game. What does a football match got to do with running a business? Well there is alot to learn from the game of football that can be practically applied in the business world as well. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a football person or not. The concept is easy to understand without even knowing much about football.

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Read along as these 5 business lessons are briefly explained.

5 Business lessons

You Need The Best People To Make The Best Team

Having the best people to make the best team is very important in my view. Now there are a section of football fans and pundits who seem to always be against Pep Guardiola for having all the “best players” at his disposal. However what they may not know is that to achieve the amount of success he seeks to achieve, he needs the right tools to do that.

NB: For the sake of those who are not into football, Pep Guardiola is currently the head coach of Manchester City and a former Barcelona and Bayern Munich Coach. For the purposes of examples, I’ll be using his team and himself regularly.

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A group of average players may be able to achieve a one off success like what Leicester City did in the 2015/2016 EPL Season. However what they cannot do is to maintain such success to be considered the best. Do you know why? Simply because they are not good enough to be the best.

APPLICATION: You need to put together the best people in order to make the best team for your business to grow. One may argue that you need a mix of it ie. the best, average and not so good people in a team. Reason being that they all add up and drag each other along to achieve organizational goals. A point which may not always work out well anyways.

So why assemble a group of average people in your team when you can have the best in it in order to be the best team you can?

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Communication Between The Leader And The Team Members.

Communication between the leader and the team members is very key in achieving goals. Just Imagine Pep Guardiola not being able to communicate properly with his players despite all his football ideas and tactics. His team would have just been a mid-table team or struggling to avoid relegation.

Through proper communication, Pep Guardiola is able to put his football ideas and tactics across to his players. And today, they are one of the best teams in the world winning a couple of trophies.

APPLICATION: As a leader of a team or business owner, you need to communicate effectively with your members or employees in order to achieve set objectives. Never assume that they know what is expected of them hence will leave everything to them. Communication is key.

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5 Business lessons

You Can’t Do It Alone.

Everybody needs somebody. I need somebody, you need somebody and we all need somebody. So never assume you can do it all when it comes to running your business. In my view, Pep Guardiola is the best coach in the world. But to be the best, he needs a backroom staff to work with which is made up of his assistant, technical men etc, to help him do his work.

APPLICATION: Not even sole proprietors are spared in this. It may be a one man business but you definitely need somebody one way or the other. Accept that you cannot do it all and seek help from others when the need arises in order to be the best you can.

Competition Must Make You Better Not Bitter.

The kind of competition or threat Liverpool posed to Manchester City in the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 EPL season did not make Manchester City bitter. Pep Guardiola and his  team never complained much  despite being hit with alot of injuries.

On the contrary, it rather made them better. To prove that point, they went on an incredible ran in the 2020/2021 season to stamp their superiority.

APPLICATION: In Every business environment, there is competion and such competition can either make or unmake your business. Don’t be bitter when such competitions or threats begin to appear. Embrace the competition and strive to come out tops from your competitors.

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Don’t Celebrate Too Easily 

Football lovers are familiar with the term “comeback” and hence will relate easily with this point. The best of teams do not celebrate too much just because they scored the first goal in a match. More so when it’s only in the first half with alot of time left because they know it is possible for the opponent to end up winning if they let their guards down.

APPLICATION: You’re going to win some contracts or breakthroughs from time to time. However do not let your guard down by celebrating these wins at the expense of your work. The effort you put in your business deserves some celebration after closing that huge deal or winning a contract. However it must be done with the mindset that there is a lot more you can achieve hence should not dwell so much on a particular win. Be quick to move on to the next target.

I hope you find this 5 business lessons you can learn from a football match helpful.


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