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5 Lies We Were Made To Believe Before Going To Boarding Hse.

There is a school of thought that believes senior high school is more fan if you went to a boarding school. One other thing about senior high school is that you don’t really enjoy it while in school. But rather it is when you complete that you begin to bring back fond memories. However, there are some one or two lies we were made to believe before leaving for boarding school. Please do note that they may not always be the case in certain schools or individuals.

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1. Friendly House Masters

Going to the boarding school is normally the first time alot of students get to stay away from their parents. And to make it easier for such first timers, they are made to believe their house masters are very friendly and approachable. Such ideas are put into the heads of a fresher who may feel insecure away from their parents and may need a parent figure in school when the going gets tough.

But in reality, house masters and Senior Housemasters are the Pharoahs of almost every Ghanaian student.

Lies we were made to believe

2. Dining Hall Foods Are Similar To What You Eat At Home. 

Dining hall foods can never and will never be similar to what mom served us at home. So who ever tells you such a thing is up to a certain mischief. It is either they don’t want you to use that as the basis not to attend a boarding or something I can’t even imagine.

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Even the “privileged” group who get to eat what we call “special diet” is no different. The only difference is that they get to eat more rice while the “less privileged” eat gobɛ and the likes.

How on earth can one compare gbee flɔ or soup made with flour to moms food? The funny thing is that no matter how you complain, you’ll still run at the hearing of the siren. Why? Well because you don’t have any alternative at your disposal. Unless of course you’re a “dbee”. It’s sad and funny that it’s also one of the lies we were made to believe before stepping in the boarding house.

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3. Freedom From Parents To Do Whatever You Like

This is a lie you may have heard from friends before entering the boarding school. Yes you will get the freedom from your parents, however what you will not get is the freedom to do what ever you like.

Most freshers go to the boarding school with the mindset that they will be free from the restrictions imposed on them by their parents. However what they do not know is that the kind of restrictions in boarding school is even more than what they experienced at home. There is a time to sleep and time to wake up, a time to eat and a time to do virtually anything.

4. Evil Forces On Campus To Catch Stubborn Students

You may have heard the stories of “madam moke” and other scary ones about how dangerous boarding school is. Some also believe there are some evil forces on campus who patrol the school at night to catch stubborn students who may be loitering around. Good thing is that I did not see or hear anything like that whiles in school and I believe same applies to you.

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It is however a good lie to tell a fresher who may have plans of living a stubborn life in school. At least it will put some fear in him/her.

5. Easy WASSCE

Lies we were made to believe

“Wassce is very easy” belongs to the set of lies we were made to believe before going to the boarding house or SHS. There is no such thing as easy Wassce. If it were so, everyone will graduate with 8 A’s. However for some reasons, you find teachers and some elderly ones tell you about how easy a wassce is. Reason being that most of the topics were already treated in junior high school.

Although such theories may be true, you will find yourself wanting if you don’t study hard enough.

These lies we were made to believe may vary from person to person or from school to school. However I believe you can relate with most of them.


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