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5 Reasons Why Most People Fail To Achieve Their Goals.

Alot of people  fail to achieve their goals and aspirations due to reasons that can be avoided. A man without dream is like a man without a soul. There is this popular saying that “says when a woman chooses to marry a man without vision over the one that has one, she will sit with him to watch the one with vision on TV. What this means is that, as humans we must have a sense of direction. We ought to have goals and aspirations that will guide us in whatever we do lest we become worthless and poor.

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However having such dreams and aspirations alone is not enough and in fact many have failed to achieve their goals on countless occasions.

Here are in my opinion 5 core reasons why alot of people fail to achieve their goals and aspirations.

1. Fear Of Failure.

One main reason why alot of people fail to achieve their goals is the fear of failure. That is when they begin to ask questions of themselves like “what if I do this and it doesn’t work? Can I really achieve this or that?” etc. However, what they do not know is that such fears only shows they are humans. It is meant to strengthen you to work harder and smarter in order not to fail.

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People scared of failure usually do not take risks but rather prefer the easy way out. However, what you must have in mind is that “failure to take risks in itself is a FAILURE”. Fear is a ladder not a barrier.

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2. Easy Way Out

Alot of people including myself have faced this temptation before. When all attempts to achieve that dream of yours doesn’t seem to work, there is a temptation to find the easy way out. That “easy way” you choose to take may be rewarding in the short term but will not be sustainable in the long term. There are alot of graduates out there with big aspirations in life but find themselves doing things they really do not like.

The act of choosing the easy way out has led many to become fraudsters, thieves, drug dealers etc just to survive. It may seem rewarding at the beginning but trust me it is not permanent.

Achieving ones dreams and aspirations is not an easy one but the reward afterwards is worth the effort, provided it is a legal and viable dream.

3. Procrastination

Procrastination they say is the thief of time. Never think there is so much time for you to work towards achieving that goal. Time and tide waits for no man hence if you have any dream, now is the time to start working on it, not tomorrow, or the day after or a months time. START NOW!!!

The spirit of procrastination is no respecter of person hence does not discriminate. Almost everyone may have had this temptation of procrastination before. However when the temptation to procrastinate comes, quickly overcome it and work on that dream now!

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4. Too Difficult 

Fail to achieve their goals

Many have refused to take action because they feel it is too difficult to start and to achieve a particular goal. Truth is nothing good comes easy hence if you really want to achieve that dream of yours, then the difficulty or complexity of achieving it should not in any way discourage you. I compare this to childbirth. Most ladies will still want to enjoy the fruit of the womb knowing perfectly well of the difficulties involved in the pregnancy stage through to the labor ward.

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5. Listening Too Much To The Opinions Of Others. 

It is good to listen to the opinions of others particularly when starting something you’re not too sure of. However what you shouldn’t do is to listen too much to the opinions of others. Everyone can give his or her opinion about an issue. However not all opinions must be taken serious.

As a young adult trying to achieve your dreams and aspirations, carefully sieve the many opinions you’re given. The fact that someone gives his or her opinion about the kind of dream or aspiration you have does not mean you should let that distract you.

I hope you find this article helpful.


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