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“7 Suicide Attempts In Two Years”- Funny Face Cries Out As Another Depression Sets In. [Watch Video]

The baby mama of Funny Face seems to be giving him a hard time as he claims she might kill him if he jokes after revealing that he attempted suicide 7 times in less than two years.

The comedian escaped a gory accident in the early hours of yesterday on his way to Kumasi to meet the family of his baby mama.

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However, it appears as though his near death may have brought up some fears in him triggering another depression.

Since his release from the psychiatric hospital, everything looked normal on his part until this weekend.

Or perhaps all the videos we see of him dancing and having fun is all a ploy to make it look like he was okay?

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He went on instagram as usual earlier today to make some revelations about how his baby mama might kill him if he jokes.

According to him, he is depressed once again and was just wondering by the roadside when he met the soldiers you’ll be seeing in the video below.

He shared this video on his instagram page with a lengthy caption that reads in part “………7 suicide attempts in less than 2 years… Jehovah please hold my lips and hearts for this is too much for me or else the secrets and names which are about to drop will shake Ghana.

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Now kraa dier I’ve given up…ooh why me oh Lord?……………daddy is not giving up on you girls but I have to stay and watch and spend on you girls from afar …..”If I joke your mother (Vanessa) will kill me!! THE TRUTH IS COMING OUT SOON!  ……….”

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