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9 Reasons Why You Need To Discover Your Talent.

There is the need to discover your talent hence there is a problem if at this point of your life you either do not know what your talent is. We all have talents deposited in us by God and for that matter there is a need to discover your talent and use them for the betterment of yourselves and the society as a whole.

As humans, we are all Gods creation. And everything God creates has a purpose for which He created it. If we humans create tools and equipments to serve specific purposes, why do you think God will create us humans without any specific purposes to fulfill on earth?

These are the reasons why everyone needs to Discover their talents:

1. You are a Steward with a Dominion Mandate as established in Genesis 1:26 when God created man.

2. You are a Steward with an Assignment to fulfill as is evident in the parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:15-30.

3. God has already given you the Ability so you need to find it and use it. Matthew 25:15

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4. There is a Day of Accountability that is coming, and you’ll need to give account of whatever Talent God placed inside you. Matthew 25:19

5. You need to Increase the Value of the Talent God gave you as in Matthew 25:14-30

6. Your Talent is an ASSET you’re born with which determines your CAREER and OPPORTUNITIES you attract in life.

7. You need to use your talent to BENEFIT another person. Someone created the round thing called FOOTBALL, and now we celebrate Lionel Messi and co for their football talent.

8. It opens doors of ASSOCIATION for you. Proverbs 18:16

9. You will either get an INHERITANCE or DESTRUCTION on the day of Accountability. Matthew 25:28-30.


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