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A White Man Is Doing ‘Donkey Work’ For Me Whiles You Sit Online To Talk About Me – Afia Schwar [Video]

Afia Schwar

Afia Schwarzenegger is definitely enjoying her time abroad as she shares a hilarious video of a white man carrying her bags as she sends a message to her Haters.

The controversial media personality and entrepreneur is such a character and you can’t help but laugh at some of her jokes despite her excesses. So you will recall that we reported a week ago that the comedienne had flown out of the country a day after visiting Nogokpo?

[irp posts=”4911″ name=”From Nogokpo To Abrokyire; Afia Schwar Flies Out Of The Country In Business Class Leaving Her ‘Haters’ Behind [Videos]”]

Well, it seems her current location is Santorini and couldn’t hide her excitement as she shares a funny video of a white man, clearly a Porter doing his job on the Island. Although she didn’t appear in the video because of course all she wanted us to see was the man doing the ‘Donkey Work ‘, she can be heard in the background giving some commentary.

She shaded those who sit to talk about her all the time instead of focusing on making money. She said “dont Work hard for a white man to serve you and sit on Facebook or instagram to Fool. Work hard and make money so that a white man can serve you and use your brains.

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