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Advise Yourself When You Begin To See These 3 Signs.

There is a school of thought that believes you cannot advise someone who is in love. Ask me why?  Well because many a time when people fall in love, they fall so deeply that they even go blind to certain signs their partners are communicating to them in the relationship. One thing all must be aware is that relationship does not always leads to marriage, so therefore you must not fall in love with your eyes closed. Be viligant and quickly identify the red-flags when they begin to show up and advise yourself.

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Below are the the three most important signs :

1. Break In Communication

Communication is very key in every relationship hence the moment you recognise a persistent break in communication, advise yourself. Relationships are not always about sex and all the immoral things the youth of today engage in. It is proper communication between partners that fuels the relationship and not sex. And for that matter it is imperative that you begin to advise yourself when you notice your partner doesn’t communicate with you frequently like before.

Once there is a break in communication, your partner almost always does not enjoy talking to you anymore. Probable because he or she might have lost interest or is not sure of the future of the relationship. Try to first talk to your partner about it and see if the situation improves. But if it doesn’t then please leave at once before your heart get broken.

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2. Claims OF Being Busy.

When you love someone, you will surely make time for them even when you seem busy. So this is someone you have dated for a while and hence knows his or her schedule quiet well. So you know when he/she should be busy and when he/she is less busy but some way somehow becomes unusually busy without giving any tangible reasons. It is definitely a red flag you must take notice of.

People normally give excuses of being busy when they are no longer in love with you or are seeing someone else. So the moment you begin to notice such signs, it’s best you begin to advise yourself.

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3. Gets Angry Over Petty Issues

Someone who is no longer into you will get angry at virtually anything you say or do. He or she is provoked by the slightest of mistakes you do. This kind of anger is not the kind you know him or her for and it is very dangerous to stay in a relationship with such bad anger issues.

Leave UNSURE relationships because they normally do not lead anywhere.


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