After NSS What’s Next: How To Avoid Frustration After NSS.

Finding an answer to the question of “After NSS what’s next?” is a tricky one. All too soon the 2020/2021 batch of National Service Personnel will be coming to an end and it’s only normal for service persons to begin to have thoughts of life after National Service. With barely four months left, graduates undergoing national service must begin to ask questions of themselves as to what line of action to take next after service.

This article seeks to ask the all important question of ” After NSS what’s next” and to suggest what one should be doing now before the completion of service. It will also suggest what to do right after service in order not to find yourself wanting.

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What NSS is

After NSS what's next

Firstly, let us try to have an understanding of what NSS is and the importance placed on it in Ghana.

Graduates from accredited tertiary institutions are required under law to do a one-year mandatory national service to the countey. Persons are posted to various sectors of the economy. The National Service Secretariat (NSS) is mandated to formulate policies and structures for national service.

The Ghana National Service Scheme was formed in 1973 and currently has a staff strength of 342. Tens of thousands of graduates are posted to various sectors as service personnel each year and are paid monthly allowances approved by the Ministry of Finance. The service is for a period of one year with one month leave which is usually taken in August.

Certificates are issued to persons who complete the mandatory one-year national service by the National Service Secretariat. Persons who have successfully completed the national service can however apply for their certificates online and delivered to them through delivery service provided by Delivery Hub Limited (DHL). The digitization of the certificate request procedures was done by the National Service Secretariat in June 2018. This is to help reduce the amount of certificates left at the secretariat due to personnels reluctance to travel back to the region they underwent their service for the certificates.

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What To Do Before Completion Of Service.

National service is not a time for sleep and enjoyment. The monthly allowance is temporary and will soon come to a halt hence as a young adult, your time during national service shouldn’t be for fun only. It is a period meant to groom you into an employable person hence you must do well to learn what ever there is to learn at your place of service.

In addition, Employers are looking out for persons beyond just their qualifications hence NSS shouldn’t be taken as a joke. As a graduate there are skills or experience you must possess and the National Service is a medium that helps you to gain some work experience. At this point, you must ask yourself if you want to work for someone or to work for yourself.

If the answer is to work for yourself, then you must begin to think of what kind of business you want to venture into, write it down and prepare a business plan if possible. Secondly, check out how feasible the business you have in mind is, because you wouldn’t want to venture into a business that is not profitable. Begin to research on the kind of business you’ll be venturing into so you know what to expect in that sector and begin to find out how you’re going to finance your business.

However if your answer is to work for someone, then there are certain things you must do.

1. Firstly, you must first decide on which sector you want to be employed and the type of companies you want to work in and write them down.

2. Secondly, prepare a professional CV and begin to write application letters to such companies.

3. Make use of your contacts and friends list because it can be of great help in letting you know of any vacancies.

NB: The higher the number of jobs you apply to the higher the likely hood of getting employed quickly.

What to do immediately after NSS

There is a pressure that comes after the completion of national service and it can be intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic such that you may feel the need to immediately secure a job hence become frustrated when you’re unable to secure one after some months. More so when you realise most of your colleagues have already secured jobs for themselves. Trust me it’s not easy securing a good job in Ghana hence graduates should not put too much pressure on themselves after NSS. Continue doing the right stuff and you should be able to get a job before you know it.

There could be pressure from the family or people who may be relying on you to get a job so you can reduce the financial burden on them. My brother my sister, do not let such pressure get to you since it can lead one into using foul means to make money.

Firstly, you must be patient but aggressive in your search for job whiles you’re home and trust me you’ll get one. It may not be in the field you want but it’s a means to an end hence you can accept a somewhat good job which may not be what you want for the time being. NB: Assess the work to see if it’s worth it.

Now to you who may want to venture into entrepreneurship, be patient and realistic. Firstly you must have it in mind that you may not be able to make much profit at the early stages hence do not expect huge profits immediately. Entrepreneurship is profitable when the business is managed properly and many other factors working in your favour. Yeah you need luck sometimes.

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