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Atebubu College of Education Courses and Requirements

Atebubu College of Education Courses

What are the Atebubu College of Education Courses and requirements? Does Atebubu College of Education accept D7? Where is Atebubu College of Education? Enough of the questions! Find answers to these and more in this article.

Atebubu College of Education is one of the public Colleges of Education in Ghana established to train students to become professional basic school teachers in Ghana and it has been focused on doing that and more over the years. It has the environment, tools, teachers etc to ensure that any student that passes through the College comes out ready for the job market.

The college was established in 1965 and began operations with an initial student population of about eighty (80) males only. The numbers have since increased and admits females as well and is affiliated to the University of Cape Coast.

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Departments In Atebubu College of Education 

Atebubu College of Education offers B.Ed programmes in the following departments;

  • Languages Department
  • Science Department
  • Social Sciences Department
  • Education Department
  • Mathematics and ICT Department
  • Creative Arts Department

Atebubu College of Education Courses 

Courses Offered at Atebubu College of Education are;

  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Early Grade Education
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Primary Education
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) Junior High School Education (Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, ICT, Arts,etc)

Sandwich Programmes 

  • Bachelor of Education JHS
  • Bachelor of Education Science
  • Bachelor of Education Mathematics
  • Bachelor of Education Arts
  • Bachelor of Education Social sciences
  • Bachelor of Education ICT
  • Bachelor of Education Social Studies
  • Bachelor of Education TVET
  • Diploma in Basic Education

Atebubu Admission Requirements 

Below are the general admission requirements of Atebubu College of Education;

WASSCE applicants 

All WASSCE applicants must have CREDIT PASSES A1-C6 in Six (6)subjects, made up of Three (3) Core subjects, ie. English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies and Three (3) Elective subjects relevant to the course of study.

SSSCE Applicants 

Applicants with SSCE must posses PASSES A-D in Six (6) subjects, which includes Three (3) Core subjects ie. English Language, Core Mathematics, Integrated Science or Social Studies plus Three (3) Elective subjects relevant to the course of study.

Awaiting Results Candidates 

Candidates awaiting results (WASSCE or NABPTEX) can also apply as awaiting results.

Advanced Business Certificate Examination (ABCE) Holders

Advanced Business Certificate Examination applicants must have passes in three (3) subjects. Must have credit passes in five (5) subjects, ie.  English Language, Mathematics, Integrated Science, or Social Studies in the General Business Certificate Examination (GBCE).

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General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advance Level holders

GCE Advance Level holders must also possess passes in three (3) subjects. Additionally, applicant must posses credit passes ie. Grade 6 in five GCE Ordinary Level subjects which must include English Language, Mathematics, and a Science or Arts subjects depending on the course you studied.

Technical and Vocational Education and Training Applicants

  • T.TVET Applicants must possess Certificate II in three (3) relevant trade areas awarded by TEU, NVTI, City & Guilds, and other authorised awarding bodies in addition to NABPTEX Certificate II in lieu of passes in English and Mathematics.
  • Must have NABPTEX certificate II in relevant trade areas in addition to three (3) credit passes in WASSCE/SSSCE core subjects, including English and Mathematics.
  • Must hold a National Certificate II qualification in Competency Based Training (CBT) in a relevant trade area awarded by TEU on the National TVET Qualification Framework (NTVETQF).

Foreign Qualifications

Applicants with foreign qualifications must be referred to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) to determine if applicant qualifies to be admitted in the college or not.

NB: All Applicants with American SAT, TOEFL etc, must however note that they must posses more than that in order to qualify for admissions into Atebubu College of Education. 


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