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Atwea Mountains – All You Need To Know

Atwea Mountains

The Atwea Mountains is arguably one of the most popular mountains in Ghana located in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It is located in Atwea in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region of Ghana.

Until it’s present name or form, the locals used to call the mountain “Krobo Buo” which according to history was the home of a powerful deity. However, after the death of the traditional priest who served the deity, the place was abandoned until it was discovered by a Methodist priest in 1964 who has since transformed the place into a prayer centre.

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The present mountain (Atwea Mountains) was first discovered in 1964 by Rev. Abraham Osei Assibey who was a Methodist priest. Atwea Mountains is well known for being a prayer hub where most Christians meet to pray.

Aside it being one of the most visited mountains in Ghana by religious people for prayers, it also serves as a great tourist site in the country. The mountain can be located in the Abaasua community to be specific.

According to history, Rev. Abraham Osei Assibey officially made the Atwea Mountains a prayer centre in 1965 after his first visit the year before. They then held the first prayer camp in the same year and witnessed a first miracle during that prayer camping.

The mauve clothes/costume you see people wear at the prayer centre is a direction from Rev. Abraham Osei Assibey after the clouds because thick and the atmosphere turned to mauve color during that first prayer camping.

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It is also believed that the mountain is a holy ground where all your prayer requests will be answered when you go there to pray. Therefore, if you have the time and wish to visit a place to pray for some days, then the Atwea Mountains is definitely the place to go.

Each year, over 40,000 pilgrims visit the Atwea Mountains to pray to God. Tourists can also visit the place.


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