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Avoid These 5 Mistakes In Your 20s & Early 30s.

Mistakes to avoid

In order to have a better future, the youth and in this case I’m referring to those in their 20s ought to avoid these 5 mistakes. Yes! Avoid them while you can!

To err they say is human but there are some mistakes that can be avoided. More so when you are in your youthful age where you’ve got people around to help shape your life. There are persons who believe everyone must make mistakes in order to learn from them. Although it is a valid point, but the question then is why wait to make certain mistakes that can be avoided entirely in the first place?

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There is as a matter of fact alot more mistakes that must be avoided. However, this article only focuses on 5 of them. Read along and do well to pick some lessons from this so as to avoid these 5 mistakes at least in your 20s.

Wrong Relationships

Wasting your time and energy on wrong relationships whiles in your 20s and early 30s is a destruction. Such relationships will bring nothing but rather derail you from achieving the best you can. NB: The emphasis here is “Do Not Stay In Wrong Relationships” and not preaching against love/ relationships.

Avoid these 5 mistakes

Being in a relationship in itself is a good thing but entering and staying in a wrong relationship is a no no. A wrong relationship is simply one that drains you in all aspect you can think of. You’re in a wrong relationship if you have to change who you are just to fit in a relationship. A relationship that doesn’t make you better but rather decline in emotions, health, focus, etc is definitely a wrong one.

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You need to be focus and plan properly for the future ahead of you hence cannot afford to lose that focus on any relationship that will not help you get to that destination.

Over Spending And Not Investing 

The future we seek is unknown hence there is the need to put in place measures or contingencies to guard against any eventuality. Majority of the youth out there desperately want to be rich now so they can have a “comfortable life”. However to stay rich, you need to start investing now. Not tomorrow, not in a month’s time or 5 years time. Start now!

We all know people who were once “rich” or were living a lavish lifestyle but are now broke. Money is a circulating asset hence it moves from person to person. The fact that you have money on you today does not mean it’s going to be there forever. In your 20s, there is this temptation to believe that there is more time ahead of you hence will procrastinate or either ignore the concept of investing now. Such persons spend unnecessarily without investing. Reason being that they believe money will come their way again and then the cycle continues.

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There is a popular saying that says ” Too Much Of Everything Is Bad”. Well it applies here too. The fact that over spending is wrong does not mean Underspending is right either. Money lying idle without putting it to proper use is as meaningless and worthless as it can be.

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Do not allow your miserly nature prevent you from spending on things you really need to. Being miserly on things like investing in yourself or business will only result in a missed opportunity to be even better.

No Regard For Others 

On the path to greatness, we all need somebody to get there. And for that matter if in your 20s or 30s you decide not to have regard for others then there is a problem. You may not know the consequences of such an action now but trust me the consequences are dire.

If you’re fortunate enough to be more privileged than others in this age group, do not use that as an excuse not to have regard for others. The twi man will say “bu nipa na nkwa yɛ tia” which literally means “Respect others because life is short”.

Avoid these 5 mistakes

Wrong Career Choice

When you begin to hate Monday’s because of the work you do, then know that you’re definitely not in the right place. If it were not so, Mondays should rather be the day you can’t wait to see. Why? Because you love your job and is eager to begin the week ahead with all the zeal and passion you’ve got.

You must do well to identify the right career as early as possible and not waste your 20s and 30s in a career that does not bring satisfaction to you.

I hope you find this article helpful and avoid these 5 mistakes in your 20s and beyond.


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