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Bro Don’t Put Your Head On Delilah’s Laps – Actor Prince David Advises Men Against Women (+Details)

Actor Prince David Osei has a piece of advise for men out there as he encourages them not to allow any woman or relationship distract them from pursuing their dreams.

According to the actor, it is not worth sacrificing your future and your personal growth just so you can make a woman happy.

He added that, a lot of men have lost their way simply because they prioritized love/ woman over their personal growth’.

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He made these comments on twitter on Sunday September 10, 2023 and has since received a lot of positive commentaries from his followers.

“Brother don’t put your head on Delilah’s laps, don’t get caught up in Delilah’s trap,man. That’s where big dreams go to die! Don’t swap fate for a quick roll in the hay.”

“Time to leave that comfort zone and conquer the world. Don’t stress over your girl, wife…. If she’s the one, she’ll hold it down for you. Too many dudes parking their potential cause they’re afraid their woman will bounce.

“Don’t let s£.x chai you down, bro; the world’s your oyster. Reach for greatness . Stay alert, bro! Stay awoke fam,” he tweeted.

Check out tweet below


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