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Brokerage Firms In Ghana; Location & Contacts

Are you an investor or trader wanting to trade in stocks but needs advice or a trusted brokerage firm to work with? Well, worry no more as we provide you with the complete list of licensed brokerage firms in Ghana.

A brokerage firm is a financial institution/company that specializes in the buying and selling of securities. They act as the middle man between the buyer and the seller for which they take commissions.

In most cases, it is possible to do the transaction ie. buy or sell via Smart phone, internet or telephone hence no need to visit the brokerage firm. It is however important to check the background of a brokerage firm before dealing with them.

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As a result, we have put together the complete list of licensed brokerage firms in Ghana plus their contacts, locations, websites etc to help you in choosing which firm is best for you.

Full list of licensed brokerage firms in Ghana 

1. Databank Brokerage Limited 

Location: 61 Barnes Avenue, Adabraka, Accra Ghana.

Address: PMB Ministries Post Office, Accra Ghana.

Telephone: 030261610

Email: [email protected]/[email protected]


Date of Incorporation: June 10, 1991

2. CDH Investment Holdings Ltd 

Location: CDH house, 36 Independence Avenue, North Ridge, Accra

Address: P. O. Box 14911, Accra

Telephone: 030267105/0244974256

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 14th September 1993

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3. EDC Stockbrokers Limited 

Location: 22, Ambassador Re-development Area, Ridge Valco Trust House, Opposite Ridge Hospital, Third floor

Address: 2, Morocco Lane, off the Independence Avenue

Tel: 0212517204

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 23rd March 1990

4. UMB Stockbrokers Ltd (UMBSL) 

Location: North Ridge, opposite FC Beauty

Address: 57 Dr. Isert Street, North Ridge

Telephone: 0302251137/0302251138

Email: [email protected]

Website http://www.umbcapital.com

Date of Incorporation: 20th June 1975

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5. IC Securities (Ghana) Limited 

Location: No. 2, 2nd Ridge Link, North Ridge, Accra

Address: PMB GP 104, Accra

Telephone: 0302252621

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 14th June 2001

6. Republic Securities 

Location: No. 48A, Sixth Avenue, North Ridge, Accra.

Address: P. O. Box CT 4603, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: 0283094229

Email: [email protected]


Date of incorporation: 14th February 2004.

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7. Teak Tree Brokerage Limited 

Location: F380/4 Osu Crescent, Nyaniba Estate, Accra

Address: GPS Address; GL-0150-1468

Telephone: 0302978838/9

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 4th March 2013

8. Black Star Brokerage Limited 

Location: Kanda Estate, Accra-Ghana

Address: The Rhombus, Plot 24 Tumu Avenue, Kanda Accra, PMB 59, Osu

Telephone: 0302227698

Email: [email protected]


Date of incorporation: 24th June 2008

9. Bullion Securities Limited 

Location: The Octagon, 9th Floor Suite B904 Barnes Road

Address: Suite No. 904, The Octagon Barnes Road, Accra

Telephone: 0540113508

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 12th June 2012

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10. Chapel Hill Denham Securities Ghana Ltd 

Location: Suite 2, The Labone Office park, N. Sithole Street, Labone Accra.

Address: PMB CT 384, Cantonments, Accra

Telephone: 0302766865

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 12th April 2010

11. SBG Securities Ltd 

Location: 8th floor, Stanbic heights, 215 South Liberation link, Airport City, Accra.

Address: P. O. Box CT 2344, Cantonments-Accra

Telephone: 030261690

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 24th August 2015

12. FirstBanc Brokerage Services Ltd 

Location: #7 Volta Street off Patrice Lumumba street, Airport Residential Area.

Address: P. O. Box 1464 Osu, Accra

Telephone: 0302781489

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 23rd July 2009

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13. Amber Securities Limited 

Location: 2nd Floor, Heritage Tower, Cruickshank Rd, Ridge-Accra, GA-077-0894

Telephone: 0596994756, 0302679761

Email: [email protected]


Date of incorporation: 24th April 2008

14. Worldwide Securities Limited 

Location: Yeboah Afari Plaza No. 80, Ringway Estates, Accra.

Address: P. O. Box OS 01072, Osu-Accra

Telephone: 0302256001/2

Email: [email protected]


Date of incorporation: 14th October 1997

15. Strategic African Securities Ltd 

Location: 14th floor, World Trade Center, Accra.

Address: P. O. Box KA 16446, Airport, Accra

Telephone: 0540116760/ 0302661770

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]


Date of incorporation: March 29th 1994

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16. SIC Brokerage Limited 

Location: No. 67A&B Switchback Road Cantonments

Address: PMB CT  314, Cantonments, Accra

Telephone: +233302940056/ +233302940021

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 9th December 2009.

17. Prudential Stockbrokers Ltd. 

Location: No 8 John Harmond Street, Ring Road Central, Accra

Address: P. O. Box CT 628, Cantonment, Accra

Telephone: 0302-770-936 / 769-623 / 769-683

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: 25th October, 2012

18. NTHC Securities Limited 

Location: Martco House, Okai-Mensah Link, Off Kwame Nkrumah Avenue Adabraka-Accra

Address: P.O. Box KIA 9563, Airport – Accra, Ghana

Telephone: 0302-235814/0302-235616

Email: [email protected]/ [email protected]


Date of incorporation: 26th February, 2003

19.Serengeti Capital Markets Limited 

Location: 5 Abafun Crescent, Labone, Accra Post GPS: GL-026-9470

Address: P. O. Box CT2868, Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Telephone: 0559354050

Email: [email protected]


Date of Incorporation: June 1995


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