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Cheezy Pizza Branches, Menu, Prices, & Contacts

Cheezy Pizza branches

Cheezy Pizza, formerly Eddie’s Pizza is a top pizza restaurant in Ghana owned by Harvest Diversified Limited. Their pizzas are highly patronised because of how nice they are and I’ll definitely recommend to you. That is why I’ve put together the full Cheezy Pizza branches, menu, prices and contacts in this piece.

Their menu includes hot delicious pizzas, rice dishes, desserts, burgers, etc. Hence youbcan always feel free to pass by their nearest branch near you to place an order or order online. They offer dine in, pick up and delivery services so you can choose which option is best for you.

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Check out the full list of Cheezy Pizza branches, Menu, prices, and contacts below.

Cheezy Pizza Menu 

Meat Lovers 

Beef, chicken, sausage

  • Small @Gh¢54.00
  • Medium Gh¢88.00
  • Large Gh¢114.00
  • Super Family Gh¢124.00


Beef, Chicken, sausage, Onions, tomatoes, green peppers

  • Small @Gh¢53.00
  • Medium Gh86.00
  • Large Gh¢112.00
  • Super Family Gh¢123.00

Veggie Lovers 

Tomatoes, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives

  • Small Gh¢52.00
  • Medium Gh¢82.00
  • Large Gh¢94.00
  • Super Family Gh¢109.00


Mozzarella Cheese

  • Small Gh¢52.00
  • Medium Gh¢82.00
  • Large Gh¢94.00
  • Super Family Gh¢109.00

Create Your Pizza 

  • Small Gh¢27.00
  • Medium Gh¢44.00
  • Large Gh¢54.00
  • Super Family Gh¢70



  • Beef, Chicken, Tuna, Sausage  – Gh¢13.00
  • Bacon – Gh¢24.00
  • Pepperoni – Gh¢29.00


  • tomatoes, sweet corn, mushrooms, Onions, green peppers,  pineapple – Gh¢11.00
  • Black Olives – Gh¢14.00

Extra Cheese – Gh¢29.00


  • Grilled/Fried wings @Gh¢32.00
  • Hot wings @Gh¢32.00
  • sweet and spicy wings @Gh¢32.00
  • BBQ wings @Gh¢32.00
  • Fries Only @Gh¢13.00


  • Fried rice and grilled chicken @Gh¢39.00
  • Jollof rice and grilled chicken @Gh¢39.00
  • Fries and grilled chicken @Gh¢39.00

Sandwiches with Fries 

  • Bacon, Lettuce, tomato  @Gh¢25.00
  • Tuna Melt @Gh¢25.00
  • Chicken Salad @Gh¢27.00
  • Club sandwich @Gh¢27.00

Burgers with fries 

  • Beef burger @Gh¢32.00
  • Cheese Burger @Gh¢34.00
  • Chicken burger @Gh¢32.00
  • Double burger @Gh¢38.00


  • Chicken salad @Gh¢38.00
  • Tuna Salad @Gh¢38.00

Wraps with fries

  • Grilled chicken wrap @Gh¢25.00
  • Roasted beef wrap @Gh¢26.00
  • Veggie Wrap @Gh¢20.00


  • Spaghetti with beef sauce @Gh¢30.00
  • Spaghetti with chicken @Gh¢30.00

McCheezy Combo 

1 small pizza plus burger + 1 small coke @Gh¢71.00


  • 1.5L Coke @Gh¢22.00
  • 2L Coke @Gh¢28.00
  • Lemonade @Gh¢20.00
  • Juice @Gh¢20.00


  • Chocolate 25gh
  • Vanilla 25gh
  • strawberry 25gh
  • Oreo 28gh


  • Strawberry 25gh
  • Pineapple 23gh
  • Mango 23gh
  • Watermelon 23gh

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Cheeezy Pizza Branches in Ghana 

Ring Road Central

Location: Opposite Paloma Hotel, Ring Road

Contact:  +233552498103

East Legon

Location: Above Compu Ghana, East Legon

Contact:  +233599140072

Sahara Dansoman

Location: Opposite Sahara Bus Stop, Dansoman High Street

Contact: +233278083397


Location: Behind ECG Office, Oxford Street

Contact:  +233502533397


Location: Opposite Ecobank Sakumono branch

Contact:  +233509033397


Location: Opposite WASS, Adenta Barrier

Contact: +233501433397


Location: Opposite Triple A LP Station, Agbogba Flowers

Contact:  +233274133397


Location: Opposite Emef Police Station, Mataheko – Afienya

Contact: +233506792859


Location: Opposite Absa bank, Middle East

Ashaiman:  +233507733397


Location: Opposite MyBet Africa betting shop, Lapaz

Contact:  +233553533357

Hansonic Dansoman

Location: Opposite Alive Pharmaceuticals, Hansonic

Contact: +233552903031


Location: Opposite New Timers Hotel

Contact:  +233202533398



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