Classy Photos Of Nina Of Home Sweet Home Fame.

The indomie generation may have heard of Home Sweet Home but may not know all the characters. Perhaps this classy photos of Nina may also remind those who watched the show but can’t remember how she looks now of how classy she looks now.

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Gone were the days when our TV screens were fun to watch with mainly our local contents. Before the emergence of the countless telenovelas on our screens, we had local shows that were loved by many. Examples are Home Sweet home, Sun City, Efiewura etc. These shows got viewers glued to their seats all the time to watch them when their time was up.

Those who may have watched Home Sweet Home may have noticed one stubborn and annoying little girl who always seems to have a loud mouth at home.

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She actually played her role so well that viewers thought she was really a brat and stubborn in real life.

The Nina you all know is all grown now and in fact is a university graduate with a bachelor’s degree. She is called Evelyn Addo in real life so you can say hi when you happen to bump into her in town.

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Take a look at these classy photos of Nina of Home Sweet Home fame.

classy photos of Nina

Classy photos of Nina Classy photos of Nina Classy photos of Nina

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