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Curtain Rods Price In Ghana

Are you a Ghanaian or have you relocated to Ghana and is trying to move into your new home but have no idea how much curtain rods cost in Ghana? Well, worry no more as we give you a fair idea of curtain rods price in Ghana.

A curtain rod is a device used to suspend curtains, normally along the edges of showers or bathtubs or above windows or wherever curtains can be used. You can choose to call it curtain rod, curtain rail, curtain pole or traverse rod.


They come in all kinds of styles and designs and can be made from either metal, plastic, wood, etc.

The prices of curtain rods varies as do the quality and designs. The price, quality and design you get from a roadside vendor may be different from what you get at a company catering to interior designers and architects.

Before buying a curtain rod for your home or wherever, there are certain things you must consider before making a purchase.


Things To Consider Before Making A Purchase 

  • Firstly, you need to assess your rooms decor or design so you can determine which type and color of rod to buy.
  • From there, you choose the type of curtain rod you want. The most common types are Standard rods, double curtain rods, return or wrap around rods, wire or cable rods, tension or spring rods.
  • Thirdly, you need to select the curtain rod material you prefer. As mentioned earlier, they can be made from wood, plastic, steal etc. However, the rods may not always be physically made from these materials but for the general look and and feel.
  • Lastly, you choose the color and the finishing touches ie. The curtain finials which are the end caps or knobs of the curtain rods.


Price Of Curtain Rods In Ghana 

As stated earlier, the price vary from vendor to vendor or company to company. It also varies due to quality and design. Therefore, what we are going to do is to give you a few prices that can guide you as to what to price to expect.

  • 120-210cm Black Matt Color is selling at Gh¢50.0
  • Tension Curtain Rod Spring Load Adjustable Curtain Pole Heavy Duty 50cm-160cm at GH¢91 – GH¢100.0
  • 2 Pcs Elegant Window Curtain Rod Ends Drape Pole Rail Finals Fit Dia at GH¢82- GH¢130.0
  • 6m full length iron curtain rods with accessories at gh¢80.0



The days where we used rope or wire to suspend our curtains above the window or door is over. Curtain rods aren’t too expensive to use as it also helps in beautifying your room.

You can actually get a curtain rod ranging from GH¢50.0 upwards depending on your location, quality, design and company you are buying from.


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