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#DateRush: 2 Quick Lessons From Ali And Shemima’s Date.

Indeed everyone deserves love as can be seen in the case of Ali. Before getting to go on a date with the voluptuous Shemima, Ali had had alot of rejections in the past. His story is kind of an inspiration to lots of young people out there. He appeared on TV3’s show in search for a partner weeks ago but could not get a lady of his taste. However just yesterday, Ali has landed a beautiful date! Well, “Everyone deserves love”.

There are lots of inspirations every one can take from Ali and this article quickly takes a look at two quick ones.

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1. Perseverance: If there is anything that Ali has then it’s perseverance. One important thing you should note is that, you can always get what you want if you persevere. He could have given up prematurely when he couldn’t get a date in the first instance.

The same thing applies in any endeavor; if you wait and push harder, you’re going to get what you actually need.

2. Everyone Deserves Love: Another lesson which can be learnt is that no matter what, you will always find whom to love. You’re not assured if a relationship can work or not but if the individuals put in the effort, why not? Alot of ladies out there turn a man down for some trivial reasons. However, there is still someone out there who will love you just the way you are. Other ladies rejected him due to his piercings and stuff like that but today he has Shemima who likes him for who he is.

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In effect, perseverance leads to success. Keep on pushing in the midst of rejections; you’re going to succeed eventually.


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