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#DateRush: Desmond’s Date Caught Chopping Love With Another Guy. [Photos]

Indeed everyone deserves love as Desmond walked home last night with a beautiful date of his own. 

Desmond is a handsome young man who has being on the date rush show for some time now. However he has also received his fair share of heartbreak a couple of times because of his height. Luckily for him, he found the “perfect” date in Jennifer last night who matches his height as well. (haha)

However, pictures of Jennifer chopping love with another guy has surfaced online which may cause some havoc in the relationship. Jennifer made it clear on the show that she is more comfortable being around guys than ladies hence has a lot of male friends.

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Be that as it may, no man will be too comfortable seeing their woman with another guy as can be seen in these picturs of Jennifer. Desmond must be careful going forward as their relationship may end up in premium tears sooner than later.

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