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Do These 5 Checks Immediately You Check In A Hotel.

No matter how busy you are, always do these 5 checks when you check in a hotel room. One may not see the need for that now but they are very important checks that has to be done. So growing up we all had this mentality that hotels are for sexual purposes only (haha). Well you can’t fault us because that’s the mindset of kids at work or maybe due to the movies we watched back then. Hence whenever we saw people coming out from hotels we were always quick to judge.

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Hotels plays an important role in our economy and in our lives as well. A good distribution of proper hotels and guest houses in the country goes a long way to help the tourism and hospitality sector. Every tourists or foreigner in a different land, town or a country will need a hotel as his/her sleeping place. So you see hotels aren’t used for only sexual activities as it was painted to us some years ago. Once in your lifetime you may find yourself booking a hotel room. Hence it’s therefore prudent to know these precautionary measures and use them anytime you check in a hotel.

Take a quick look at these 5 checks you must do when you check in a hotel room.

1. Look Out For Hidden Cameras.

Do these 5 checks

We are living in a technological driven world and people are taking advantage of it to blackmail and engage in activities to extort money from innocent people. Quickly check around to see if there are any hidden cameras. If you find one, report it to the manager or the receptionist.

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You wouldn’t want to have your leaks on the internet for no fault of yours. Take out any suspicious object or report it to the manager for it to be removed. For all you know there might be a hidden camera in there.

2. Look Out For Bedbugs Before Unpacking.

Do these 5 checks

No matter how well kept the hotel is, always do well to look out for bed bugs before unpacking. I bet you wouldn’t want to pick up these stubborn insects from a hotel room to your home.

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Bedbugs are one of the most stubborn and annoying insects you wouldn’t want to encounter. They feed on human blood at night while you sleep hence the name bed bug (haha). Their side effects can be rashes and other skin related problems.

3. Check The Door Locks.

For the sake of your safety, check for any loose door locks. Make sure you can lock the door whiles inside or outside. Nobody knows what may happen whiles you’re asleep.

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4. Clean or Wash Hotel Glasses And Surfaces Thoroughly Before Using Them.

This very check is even more important in these times of covid where you can pick up the virus virtually anywhere. If you intend using any of the available glasses in the room, make sure to clean them thoroughly. You do not know the previous user and cannot leave your faith to the cleaner. Wash it!!!

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5. Look Out For Escape Routes.

You can never predict what might happen during your stay in the hotel. It may be fire or any situation that might require an escape route should that occur. It’s always wise to check out for any escape route in case there’s an emergency.

I hope you find this article helpful and going forward, I trust you’re going to do these 5 checks when ever you check in a hotel.


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