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Elbee Ceiling Fan Price In Ghana

Ceiling fans are very necessary in our homes or offices considering how hot Ghana is, hence in this article, we will be looking specifically at Elbee ceiling fan price in Ghana for persons who want to use Elbee fans.

Elbee products are one of the best you can find on the market. They’ve got over 15 years of constant research, customer feedback, production and distribution within the African continent.

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Their plastic parts are made of the right polymer chains and metallic parts are also made of the most stable allotropes whiles the electrical circuits are built with durable transistors to guarantee long term durability.

Elbee range of products includes Kitchen appliances, garment care end power solutions (Stabilizers). This article however only focuses on their ceiling fans and their price in Ghana. However, they also have standing fans, wall fans and orbit fans as well.

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Sample Prices Of Elbee Ceiling Fan In Ghana 

Elbee ceiling fan price

  • Elbee Long Blade Ceiling Fan- white/gold 36″ = Gh¢285.00
  • Elbee Short Blade Ceiling Fan- White 24″ =Gh¢183.00
  • Quality Elbee ceiling fan 56″ white = Gh¢185.00
  • Elbee double ball bearing ceiling fan 56″ Brown = Gh¢175.00
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When buying a ceiling fan, you must choose between a long blade or short blade. Where you intend to use the fan may also determine the length of blade you should use. For example a ceiling fan for a small kiosk should have short blades whereas a long blade will be needed in a bigger room or hall.

NB: The Elbee ceiling fan price provided are just sample prices from a few shops hence expect a possible slight change in price on the market.


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