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Fish Pond Prices In Ghana

Do you have plans of rearing fish or owning a fish pond but have no idea how much it will cost you to construct or buy one?

Well, worry no more as we provide you with fish pond prices in Ghana that may help you when budgeting.

However, before we talk about the fish pond prices, let us first understand what a fish pond is.

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What Is A Fish Pond?

According to Wikipedia, “A Fish Pond is a controlled pond, artificial lake or reservoir that is stocked with fish and is used for recreational fishing or for ornamental purposes”.

Features Of A Fish Pond 

A typical fish pond has or must have the following features;

  • Inlet/Outlet pipes or channels
  • Pond walls or dykes
  • Water controls
  • Havesting facilities etc.
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Types Of Fish Pond 

There are different types of fishponds one can use to raise fish even at home. They include;

  • EARTHEN POND: It is an artificial dam or reservoir constructed by digging a hole at least 1.5 meters deep. The construction of a fish pond is not as straightforward as one may think hence must be done by experts.
  • CONCRETE POND: Concrete pond is another type of fish pond that requires experts in its construction. It involves the use of blocks, sand and cement to build the pond.
  • TARPAULIN POND: The tarpaulin pond is more or less the commonest fish pond now. Tarpaulin pond can be constructed with either wood or galvanized popes and then covered with a tarpaulin.

Setting up the tarpaulin pond is quite easy as compared to the previous two types of ponds.

  • PLASTIC/ RUBBER POND: Plastic/ Rubber Ponds is similar to that of tarpaulin ponds except that they are plastic. It is very common for persons who are now starting with fish farming.
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Sample Prices Of Fish Pond In Ghana 

Realistically, the only type of fish pond one can buy or that is being sold now is the tarpaulin fish pond. This is because the Earthen Pond or Concrete ponds are constructed at site and cannot be moved.

Therefore with the immovable types of ponds, we can only give the cost of labour involved in constructing one. It is important to note that the prices of these ponds varies depending on size or the seller of the pond or also whoever is doing the construction.

I) A Tarpaulin Pond is sold @ Gh¢1,350 by Richard Martins (0200119997)

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II) A Tarpaulin Pond is sold @ Gh¢900 by Jackman & Co (0551086022)

III) A Tarpaulin Pond is sold @ Gh¢800 by Power Ot Farms (0557369686)

IV) A PVC Tarpaulin Pond is sold @ Gh¢650 by Otis Micah (0241100970)

V) A Tarpaulin Pond is sold @ Gh¢1,200 by Thomsula Limited GH (0501779257)

VI) Thomsula Limited Gh constructs a concrete pond @ Gh¢1,000

NB: These are only sample prices for selected sellers to guide you as to what to expect. There are actually alot more places you can buy a fish pond or several experts around who can construct a durable pond for you.



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