Home General News “Fools Multiply When The Wise Keep Quiet”- Captain Smart

“Fools Multiply When The Wise Keep Quiet”- Captain Smart

Fools multiply when the wise remain quiet were the words of outspoken journalist Captain Smart. The former host of the Fabewoso show on Adom FM now hosts an online show on his SMART TV platform which airs on Facebook and YouTube.

He made this wise saying on his show last night to emphasise why he will keep saying what has to be said without fear or panic.

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In a country where we have all the natural resources but somehow it’s citizens struggle to live comfortable lives due to the failings of government, it is only right that we have investigative journalists like him to expose the rot in the system. Successive government’s have all failed in building a better Ghana and Captain doesn’t intend to stop talking now. He will not be intimidated by anyone.

According to him, Anytime the wise keeps quiet, fools multiply”

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