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Forever Bee Pollen Price In Ghana

Forever Bee Pollen contains pure bee pollen and honey for a winning combination of nutrients straight from the hive. In article, we will be looking at forever bee pollen price in Ghana and it’s benefits.

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The Forever bee pollen is made from honey, bee pollen, stearic acid, silica and royal jelly. Just as you learnt in school that bees are agents of pollination, they also use the pollen they gather to create their food which keeps the entire hive nourished, productive and strong.

The forever bee pollen is a great natural source of nutrients such as proteins, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. All these nutrients from bee pollen is put into a form of tablet by mixing it with smooth and delicious honey.

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For starters, begin with 1/4 tablet daily then gradually increase intake to one tablet 3 times daily. NB: Consult a doctor or physician before taking forever bee pollen or any other dietary supplement.


A container of forever bee pollen is sold at GH¢90.0. It contains 100 tablets

Weight – 43g

Colour – Yellow

NB: Price may vary from seller to seller. However, it shouldn’t be too less or too expensive than the amount provided here.

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