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Forget The Braids, Rockson Of Daterush Is A Nice Guy And Deserves Love. [Photos]

Ladies, forget the braids and whatever you think about guys with braids and check out why Rockson also deserves a chance to go on a date.

It was another bad day for Rockson on the date rush show last night as he recorded his sixth heartbreak. TV3 Ghana’s date rush show has captured the hearts of many and always makes the trends each week.

On the show last night, it was a different day but same story for Rockson. A handsome model who has being turned down on several occasions by the ladies mainly due to his braids.

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Sadly after being rejected for the sixth time last night, he said on the show that he may be tempted to cut his braids if that will make the ladies happy. However, after a careful look at these photos of the young man, it’s clear he need not cut his hair to impress any lady. He deserves love and the ladies out there must begin to see him beyond just the braids which he looks good in them anyways.

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