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Going To Mecca Just To Pray Doesn’t Make Sense – Bongo Ideas Explains Why

Controversial Ghanaian blogger and social media influencer, Albert Nat Hyde, popularly known as Bongo Ideas believes it doesn’t make sense for Muslims to travel all the way to Mecca in Saudi Arabia just to pray.

The young controversial blogger and critic does not see the need for millions of Muslims to gather at a place just to pray every year.

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He’s concerned about the health of the millions of pilgrims who make the trip to Mecca each year because of the possible spread of infections due to how congested the place usually is. Here’s how he put it,

“The fact that a group of religious people would have to gather at a place every year to have their prayers heard would never make sense!”

“Unless your prayers can’t be heard in your room, I don’t see why over 2 million people necessarily have to be at a “sacred” place. The religious tourism argument is great, but the fact that a person’s religious status is tied to a pilgrimage is just incomprehensible.”

“Are the health concerns of these people also taken into consideration, considering the huge number of people who converge? The air, the space, the bodily discharges, the infections, well!” he questioned.

For the record, the pillars of Islam states that all Muslims with the means must undertake Hajj, a pilgrimage to Mecca, once in their lifetime. And for making such comments, he has triggered a lot of Muslims online.


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