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Hajia Bintu & 4Real: Two Hajias With Swag. [Photos]

Hajia Bintu & 4Real undoubtedly are the two most popular Hajias in Ghana.(haha). These two beautiful ladies have earned a place in the hearts of Ghanaians using the title “Hajia” although they do not live by the name.

Everyone has his or her own definition of who a celebrity is or ought to be hence I won’t go into that debate now. However like it or not Hajia Bintu & 4real are two of the many celebrities we have in Ghana and are loved by many.

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One thing I find interesting though is that both ladies bear Muslim names. Hajias who do not live a life all Hajias are supposed to live. The little knowledge I have on the name “Hajia” is that it is given to any female who successfully goes to Hajj and returns whiles Alhaji is given to the males.

Hajia Bintu & Hajia 4Real

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So for these two to use this title, one may be tempted to believe they indeed went on the pilgrimage. However that is not the case at all and in fact no one is even complaining. After all, who wouldn’t love a “Hajia” with swag? (haha). It is however worth noting that these are not their real names though. As a matter of fact, Hajia Bintu goes by the name Naomi Asiamah whereas Hajia 4Real is called  Mona Faiz Montrage.

Take a quick look at these beautiful pictures of the two ie. Hajia Bintu & Hajia 4Real below.

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Hajia Bintu 

Hajia Bintu & 4Real Hajia Bintu & 4Real

Hajia 4Real 

Hajia Bintu &4RealHajia Bintu & 4Real


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