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Honda Fit 2010 Price In Ghana

Honda Fit 2010 price in Ghana may vary from seller to seller and also price may depend on the condition of the car. However, the prices we will be providing will serve as a guide as to what to expect on the market.

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Uber or bolt riders can use the Honda fit 2010 safely and comfortably for their transportation business. But before we get into the Honda fit 2010 price in ghana, let us first look at a few specifications of the car.


Engine –  Gas 14, 1.5L

Gas Mileage –  28mpg City /35 mpg Hwy

Style Name –  Automatic

Passenger Capacity – 5

Passenger Doors –   4

Body style –   4 door car

Transmission –  5 speed automatic transmission

Fuel Tank Capacity, Approx. (gal) – 10.6

Fuel Economy Est. Combined (MPG) – 31

EPA Fuel Economy Est-City (MPG)  – 28

EPA Fuel Economy Est-Hwy (MPG) –  35

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Honda Fit 2010 price

Sampled Honda Fit 2010 Price In Ghana 

I) Price – Gh¢27,500

Condition – Ghanaian used

Seller location – Darkuman, Accra

Contact seller on 0552360297/ 0574994633

II) Price – Gh¢26,500

Condition – Ghanaian used

Seller location – Kaneshie, Accra

Contact- 0540935366

III) Price – Gh¢36,000

Condition – Foreign used

Seller location – Dome, Greater Accra

Contact – 0507949494

IV) Price – Gh¢33,000

Condition – Ghanaian used

Seller location – Madina, Accra

Contact – 0246044670

v) Price – Gh¢28,500

Condition – Ghanaian Used

Seller location – Accra

Contact – 0555556945

VI) Price – Gh¢47,500

Condition – Foreign Used

Seller location – Taifa, Greater Accra

VII) Price – Gh¢31,750

Condition – Foreign Used

Seller Location – East Legon

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The Honda fit is the perfect car for you if you want something classy but very affordable. With as little as Gh¢28, 000, you can also own a classy Honda fit that can be used as your private car or for transportation services.

NB: The prices here are only sampled prices from a few sellers in Accra. Therefore, it is very likely to have prices a bit lower or higher on the market.


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