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How To Apply For International Scholarship Abroad

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Education they say is the key to success. However, certain factors like fees can prevent one from having the best of education he/she desires to succeed. There are many options available to persons who need help to further their education like grants, student loans or scholarships.

If you are reading this then you are probably considering studying abroad. However, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that, studying abroad is expensive and you may need some form of support like a Scholarship.

It is for this reason that we have put this article together on how to apply for International Scholarship abroad. However, before going into the details on how to apply for international scholarship abroad, let’s first look at some key points.

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What Is A Scholarship?

According to Oxford Learners Dictionary, Scholarship is an amount of money given to somebody by an organisation to help pay for their education.

Unlike Student Loans, beneficiaries of Scholarships are not expected or do not pay back after completion of school.

Why Go For A Scholarship?

The fees that come with schooling is expensive. More so when you’re studying abroad or overseas.

Lack of funds can prevent one from having that dream overseas education. Good thing though is that there are several international scholarship schemes that can come to your rescue so you can study abroad.

Who Can Apply?

Ever wondered if you are eligible to also apply for an international scholarship abroad? Well the answer is simple!

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Virtually everybody can apply for an international scholarship but not all scholarships accept international applicants. Hence it is important to first check if you qualify to apply for the scholarship you may have found.

This is because different types of scholarships target different types of students.

Types Of Scholarships 

There are various types of scholarships hence an applicant must be sure he/she qualifies for what they are applying for. They are;

  • Merit Scholarships: These are scholarships that are awarded to persons based on merit or because of how good they are academically.
  • Scholarships for all international students.
  • There is also scholarship for the minority/ underrepresented groups like African-Anerican students, students from developing countries etc.
  • Scholarships for athletic achievement,  artistry or research
  • Scholarships for students with low incomes

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How To Apply For International Scholarship?

At this point, you may have found an international scholarship you wish to apply for. The process is quite easy to complete.

  • Apply for the scholarship by completing the online application form of the selected scholarship scheme.
  • Check inbox for confirmation email
  • Write an essay about yourself that must be original and based on your personal experiences.
  • Provide official documents of your academic or athletic achievements..
  • Do well to proofread all documents and edit where necessary and send them to the scholarship provider.
  • Submit acceptance letter that was sent to you from the University because your scholarship will not be approved without proof of acceptance into a university.
  • At this point all you can do is to wait and pray you get selected.
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How To Find International Scholarships To Study Abroad 

The task of finding the right international scholarship isn’t an easy one resulting in most students not knowing when applications are open and only find out when the deadline had passed.

However, with these websites, prospective applicants can check them out regularly to see if there are any scholarships available. These 3 websites can be of great help to applicants to find scholarships;


Applying for the scholarship is one thing and getting the approval is another. The level of competition for a chance to be awarded an International scholarship or any other scholarship is strong.

Thousands of applications are received each time these scholarship providers open applications hence you must consider yourself lucky if you are selected.

If not don’t give up!  Keep trying because you never know when your time will come.

Best of Luck!


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