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How To Join Quest International (QNet) In Ghana

How to join quest international

Are you interested in marketing or ever heard of QNet and how it is changing the lives of many but do not know how you can also become a member? Well, worry no more as we provide you with all the information you need and how to join Quest International (QNet) in Ghana.

But before addressing the issue of how to join Quest International (QNet) in Ghana, let us first understand what QNet is all about.

What Is QNet?

QNet Ltd is a Hong Kong based multi-level marketing company founded by Malaysian businessman Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company initially started with the name GoldQuest then QuestNet and to QI Limited before settling on its present name.

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Products of QNet include weight management, nutrition, personal care, energy, home care and fashion, sold on e-commerce platform. Their services also include travel, life style and education.

How It (QNet) Works 

Members or customers of QNet can decide to be independent without being under the control of anyone. Such persons are called “Independent representatives” or (IRs) of the company. They pay an amount of $10 for a starter kit and an online office.

After that, they can receive $250 commission after they introduce or get six people to join QNet. Out of the six, three will be placed on the IRs right and the other three on his/her left forming something like a leg.

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An IR receives benefits or receives bonus points when their own customer also becomes an IR and makes recruitments of his own. The more independent representatives you have under you, the higher the commission.

However, this model practiced by QNet is seen as a pyramid scheme where early entrants are those who get to earn money. This is because, IRs who join late hardly earn enough to cover their first outlay.

The difficulty does not rule out the fact that some people are still earning money on QNet and so can you.

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How To Join QNet In Ghana 

Becoming a member of the QNet family is quite easy and straightforward.

Click HERE to begin the registration process.

How to join quest international
Image of QNet registration portal

You can alternatively visit http://www.qnet.net and then navigate to “Enrol”. Click on it (Enroll) which will take you straight to the registration portal.

After a successful registration, you can now visit the QNet platform and login with your credentials. At this stage, you are now ready to also start doing business to earn some money.

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How Quickly Can You Earn Income With QNet After Joining?

QNet is not really a get-rich-quick scheme like many have been made to believe. It is basically direct selling and to succeed at it, you must work hard, be patient, committed and above all be goal-oriented.

QNet gives you the opportunity to become your own boss without needing any huge starting capital. You also do not have to worry about operational overheads like a traditional business. Your success depends solely on you and how hard you work.



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