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How To Link Your NHIS To Ghana Card.

The wind of digitization is fast blowing in Ghana and it’s about time everyone comes on board. Gone were the days where one has to join long queues just to renew his/her NHIS membership as it is now possible to renew ones membership at the comfort of your homes and also link your NHIS Card to that of the Ghana Card.

We will be taking a look at how to link your NHIS Card to that of the Ghana Card so you wouldn’t have to carry so many cards around.

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NHIS first made it possible to renew membership on phone using the *929# platform. And now shortly after the mass registration of the Ghana Card, Ghanaians can now link their National Health Insurance Cards to their Ghana cards.

With time, the Ghana Card will be the only accepted card in Ghana hence everyone must do well to do the linkage.

NB: There have been issues of fraudsters taking monies from people to do the linkage for them hence Ghanaians must be vigilant as the platform is free for all to use.

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Now let’s get into the details of how to link your NHIS Card to that of the Ghana Card. It is an easy procedure to follow hence take your time and do the right thing.

How To Link
Steps to link your NHIS Card to Ghana Card


  • Dial the short code *929# on your mobile phone
  • Select option 4 (Link Ghana Card)
  • Enter your 13 digits Ghana Card PIN (GH **********)
  • Press SEND
  • Enter your 8 digits NHIS membership number
  • Press Send
  • Then wait patiently for confirmation message.
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You are good to go if you followed these few steps carefully.


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