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How To Make Money On Whatsapp In Ghana

Do you know you can actually make cool money on whatsapp in Ghana? Aside all the fun that goes on on whatsapp, you can actually make money over there as well. 

Alot happens online hence it’s best if you can take advantage and make money on whatsapp in Ghana. Just as you can make money on facebook, Instagram and twitter, you can do so on whatsapp too.

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It is about time you begin to make money for having that huge contact list and getting lots of views on your status updates.



Link shortening is a technique in which URL are made substantially shorter than the original but still direct you to the main page. It may be used to beautify a link or disguise the main address.

There are a few link shortners that pays good money that you can check out so you can also earn some passive income. They include ADF, Link Shrink, Shortest and  OUO.

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All you have to do is to visit any of these websites, register and go ahead to copy any link you wish to share; login to link shortner, paste and shrink it. Next thing is to copy the shortened link and share it with your contacts.

For all you know, you might have clicked on a short link or sent one without knowing you actually helped someone else make money.

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Affiliate marketing is the new ish and with the use of affiliate links, you can make money on whatsapp as well.

An affiliate link is a specific URL that has the affiliate’s (your) ID or username. Advertisers use the links to record the traffic that is sent to the advertisers website.

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The affiliate normally has to create it’s own affiliate link and make sure it directs customers to the advertisers website. Using affiliate links on whatsapp is best if you belong to groups that focuses on a particular topic.

Example is guys who belong to sports groups can talk to members about a particular betting company they are yet to try. You then register with an affiliate network, copy the link and share it with the group.

Any member who clicks on the link to the betting company and registers, you get a commission.

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Amazon Affiliate, Jumia Affiliate and Commission Junction are some examples of affiliate networks.


Another way you can make money on whatsapp is to be a whatsapp marketer. You are mistaken if you thought you can only make money on facebook, instagram and twitter by promoting other people’s business.

With the contacts you have and the number of groups you are in, you can actually utilise it by promoting businesses on whatsapp.

All you do is to introduce products and services of company’s to your whatsapp folks and make some cool money.

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One interesting way you can make money on whatsapp is to refer your whatsapp audience to apps on Play Store.

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There are actually certain apps that pay or rewards you for referring a friend to use their app.

YSENSE (ClixSense)

YSense is a website that pays you to complete surveys, play games, watch videos among others.

It also pays commission for referrals as well hence you get a referral link after registering which you can share with your contact list.

NB: Although it is very possible to make some money on whatsapp, it is necessary to note that nothing good comes easy. Hence you must be ready to put in alot of work if you wish to see positive results.


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