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How To Request For NSS Certificate Online And Have It Delivered To You

Say no to travelling back to the region where you did your National Service just for your NSS Certificate. Due to the wind of digitization that is blowing in Ghana, you can now request for your NSS certificate online in Ghana and have it delivered to you at your doorstep.

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The National Service Secretariat (NSS) went digital in 2018 to enable personnel to apply for their certificate online and have it delivered to them at their doorstep.

They are doing this in collaboration with Delivery Hub Limited (DHL) who will deliver certificates to persons who request for it.

Why Online Certificate Delivery System?

The online certificate delivery system is intended to address the issue of low collection rates of NSS certificates.

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It also solves the problem of improper inventory system to file certificates and difficulty in locating certificates and keeping data of certificates collected and available.


Below is a list of what a personnel must do to have his/her certificate delivered to him/her.

  • Personnel must have successfully completed their mandatory one year service to the nation.
  • Annual Assessment form must have been filled with a fair assessment of their performance by their immediate supervisor or head of the user agency where served.
  • Submitted assessment forms at the district office of where you served.

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Steps To Request For NSS Certificate Online 

  • Firstly, you need to visit http://www.nsscertificate.com 
  • Enter your NSS number to check your certificate status
  • Address Info: Provide your Ghana Post address in the space provided.
  • Service & Delivery Info: Cross check your Ex NSS Personnel delivery details and click Confirm and Continue. You can also edit if necessary.
  • Give Consent: Check the box to confirm you are the owner of this certificate and then click on Authorize & Continue. 
  • Review and confirm order: Note the delivery fee varies from location to location.
  • You can then go ahead to make payments using either MTN Mobile Money or Express Pay. 
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Steps To Make Payment Using MTN MoMo 

  • Provide phone number in the box below and click Pay With MTN Mobile Money 
  • Dial *170# and select option 6 (my wallet)
  • Select option 3 for my approvals
  • Enter PIN to get your pending approval list
  • Select pending transaction to approve
  • Select option Yes to approve transaction



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