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How To Use Tameawu Leaf As Crowd Puller- A Complete Guide

How to use Tameawu leaf as crowd puller

Do you feel you’re not loved enough or you have been rejected by people alot of times? Well, worry no more as I guide you through on how to use Tameawu leaf as crowd puller.

The Tameawu Leaf is a very powerful leaf that has both physical and spiritual benefits many people do not know about. It is a natural leaf that can be planted at home but has alot of spiritual benefits and I’m going to teach you how you can use it as Crowed puller.

It’s scientific name is Bryophyllum pinnatum and is sometimes referred to as miracle leaf, cathedral bells, life plant or air plant. It is a popular house plant that can be found in alot of African home and farms and grows well in the tropics.

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Here in Ghana, it is called “Tan me awu” or Tameawu in the Twi Language which means ”hate me you die”. The Yoruba’s of Nigeria call it Abamoda and the Igbo’s call it “Odaa opue.

The plant is so powerful that it hardly dies and can be used for health and spiritual purposes.

Check out how to use Tameawu leaf as crowd puller so that people will always want to come around you and be loved.

Things You Need 

  • Tameawu leaves (16)
  • 16 seeds of alligator pepper
  • 16 Seeds of Cat Eye
  • Traditional Soap
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What To Do

  • Place all the items listed above in front of you and say whatever it is that you want to attract on it.
  • Now pound all the items (16 seeds of alligator pepper, 16 Seeds of Cat Eye and 16 Tameawu leaves) together and mix it with the traditional soap.
  • Use it to bath every morning and pray whiles using it.
  • Alternatively, you can choose to burn the items into a black powder and grind it to become smooth and mix with the traditional soap.



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