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I’ll Discipline You For Body Shaming Me – Sista Afia Angrily Warns Efia Odo

Sista Afia and Efia Odo

‘Sika’ hitmaker, Sista Afia has had enough of the body shaming from Efia Odo and is ready to engage her in a physical fight and beat her up but unfortunately, her management keeps stopping her.

We currently do not know what brought about this recent beef. However, these two have a long standing beef that keeps haunting them every now and then.

So apparently, it seems Efia Odo recently attacked the musician in a manner she deems as body shaming and hence couldn’t help but let her know what is stopping her from beating her up long ago.

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She tweeted and tagged her nemesis (or at least that’s what they want us to believe) saying “the body shaming nu how long will you be saying this? Do youbwant season 5 @Efiaodo1? I’ve always wanted to discipline you despite my team constantly avoiding me but deep down you know you are definitely going to get punched. Just don’t think it’ll be on your watch but mine ”

Well, after seeing this, one would have thought that Efia Odo will be more apologetic considering the fact that she may lose the physical battle if we are looking at body sizes.

However, she is not and has hit back at the musician saying its her face she is talking about and not her body so she can’t blame her for looking like that.


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