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Is E8 Accepted In Nursing Training?

Is E8 Accepted In Nursing Training

I have seen alot of people ask this very important question “Is E8 accepted in nursing training?” and the answers they are getting clearly will confuse them the more. But do not worry as I have decided to address this question once and for all in this article. Hopefully, it will help someone out there.

The nursing profession is a noble one that many wish to join. However, unfortunately here in Ghana, there have been varying perceptions about Nurses. Whereas some people hold them in high esteem, others also have an entirely opposite perception about them which is mostly over board.

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The negative perceptions people have about nurses however has not deterred many from applying for admissions into any of the nursing training colleges. Each year, thousands of students apply for admissions into the various colleges. However they can only admit so much hence its best you know what the admission requirements in order not to waste your time and resources applying when you don’t qualify.

This then brings us to our question, “Is E8 accepted in nursing training? ”

Can You Apply To Nursing Training With E8? 

No! E8 is not accepted in nursing training admissions. The General entry requirements is to have at least CREDITS A1-C6 or A-D for SSCE holders in Six (6) subjects including Three core subjects and three electives relevant to the course of study.

However, D7 is sometimes considered depending on the subject.

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How To Apply Into Nursing Training Colleges In Ghana 

Follow the following steps to apply for admissions into any of the nursing training colleges in Ghana;

  • Purchase a voucher for 200GH from any GCB or Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) Branch nationwide
  • Visit http://healthtraining.gov.gh/
  • Click on APPLY 
  • Enter the SERIAL NUMBER and PIN found on voucher
  • Complete the forms online with your correct details
  • Attach your certificate/s and photo
  • Now submit and print-out application summary
  • Your application has now been received. All you can do now is to sit tight and check from the portal occasionally to check your admission status.


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