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Kente Prices In Kumasi, Ashanti Region

The Kente cloth originated from the Ashanti region hence is the hub of Kente in Ghana. In this article, we will be looking at Kente prices in Kumasi.

Kente is a Ghanaian textile, made of handwoven cloth, strips of silk and cotton. The fabric is historically worn by royals in Ghanaian ethnic groups such as Ashanti and Ewe. However, wearing of Kente has become more common in recent times amongst Ghanaians.

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The term Kente comes from the word “Kenten” which means “basket” in the Asante dialect. This is so because of its basket-like pattern. The Akans sometimes refer to Kente as “nwentoma” which means “woven cloth“.


There is a huge market for Kente and it’s production is a serious business. Kente production can be grouped into 3 versions. They are; Authentic Kente Cloth made by traditional weavers, Kente print produced by the likes of Akosombo Textile Ltd and Vlisco, Mass produced Kente pattern typically produced in China for Westerners.

Towns in the Ashanti region such as Bonwire, Sakora Wonoo, Ntonso, Safo and Adanwomase are noted for weaving authentic Kente.

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The weaving of authentic Kente is done on a wooden loom where multiple threads of dyed fabric are pressed together. Weaving of Kente is traditionally considered a man’s job although it is possible to find a few women and kids weaving.


Among the three versions of Kente, the authentic Kente cloth made by traditional weavers is the most expensive. It is however also worthy to note that the Kente print varies in price depending on production style.

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The mass-produced Kente from China is less expensive as compared to the other two versions. But since we are only looking at the Kente price in Kumasi in Kumasi, let’s go right into it.

Below is a few sampled prices that will guide you when making a purchase. NB: Prices vary from seller to seller.

  • GH¢300.00 by a dealer in Ejisu-Juaben Municipal. They weave professionally all types of kente with good thread and preferred colors.

Call or WhatsApp Anthony on 0243291914

  • GH¢200.00 by a dealer in Sekyere South. They sell original Kente at wholesale prices so you can also sell at retail prices to make some money. In stock is quality Kente like Fatia, Adwene Si Adwene So, Adwene Asa, Obaapa, Executives etc.

Contact seller (Mr. Hamm)  on 0548955301

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  • GH¢150.00 for 6 yards of original Kente cloth by a dealer in Kumasi metropolitan. You can also purchase any amount of yards of your choice.

Contact seller (Adomah Baffour) on 0502020624.

  • GH¢300.00 by a dealer in Kumasi Kanyasi near Garden City University College called Mike-Cee Kente fie. They sell both wholesale and retail at affordable rates.

Contact seller (Cecilia Konadu) on 0556061578.

  • GH¢200.00 by an original Bonwire Kente dealer located in Bekwai. They weave and sell all kinds of Kente such as Akyem si Akyem so, M’akomasoade3, Babadua, Akyem, Kuffour, Apagya Ghana etc.

Contact seller (Bright Oppong) on 0545964840/0548848026.

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Kumasi is your go-to place if you need authentic hand woven Kente cloth to buy although some towns in the Volta region argue that they are also experts in the production of Kente.

Individuals or persons who wish to trade in the selling of Kente may want to visit Kumasi for wholesale prices of the cloth so they can also sell at retail prices.

NB: The prices provided in this article are only sampled prices from a few dealers hence expect to see a slight difference in price when making a purchase.


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