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KIA Bongo Frontier Truck Prices In Ghana

KIA Bongo Truck Prices In Ghana vary from seller to seller, condition of the truck, year of manufacture etc. However, the prices we will be giving you in this article will give you a fair idea as to what to expect on the market.

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The KIA Bongo is a cab over pickup truck and van produced by South Korean automobile manufacturer KIA, since 1980. KIA Bongo has assembly plants in South Korea, Ecuador, Uruguay, Algeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Colombia and Vietnam.

Kia Bongo frontier is a light weight commercial vehicle and here in Ghana, it is normally used by sachet water producers, soft drinks producers etc for distribution. It can also be used for transporting general goods.

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  • Kia Bongo 2011 Model – GH¢80,590

Condition – Foreign Used

Seller location – North Legon, Accra

Engine Type – 4 Cylinder (14)

Transmission – Automatic

Fuel Type – Diesel

  • KIA Bongo 2010 Model – GH¢71,650

Condition – Foreign Used

Seller location – Achimota, Accra

  • Kia Bongo III 2011 model – GH¢60,000

Condition – Brand New

Seller Location – Akweteyman, Greater Accra

Caller contact – 0244135533

  • KIA Bongo 2018 Model – GH¢67,000

Condition – Used

Seller location -Madina

Contact – 0551791749

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  • Kia Bongo 2007 model –Gh¢74,000

Condition – Used

Seller location – Ga South Municipal, Accra

Contact – 0555556945

  • Kia Bongo frontier – Gh¢67,000

Seller location – Abossey Okai, Accra

Contact – 0245936996

  • Kia Bongo Truck 2010 model – Gh¢68,000

Seller location – Achimota, Greater Accra

Condition – Brand New

Contact – 0558056821

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The KIA Bongo frontier truck is best for transporting general goods/ materials. Pure water and soft drinks producers are also noted for using more of the Kia bongo frontier truck for their distribution.

With the sampled prices we have provided in this article, it should serve as a guide as to why to expect on the market.


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