Kumawood actor Salinko Opens Up About How He Nearly Ran Mad After His Wife Divorced Him

Popular ghanaian comic actor, Abraham Davis popularly known as Salinko has opened up about how he nearly ran mad after his wife divorced him.

The kumawood actor has been married to his beautiful, Nancy Owusu since 2017 in a beautiful wedding ceremony. Until their divorce, it looked as though they were inseparable.

However, Salinko has finally confirmed recent rumours about happenings in his marriage to his beautiful wife, Nancy Owusu in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

According to the kumawood actor, he’s no longer with his wife as she has divorced him, adding that it was so hard for him to take so much so that he nearly ran mad.

He said “I have seen that some people are asking about my wife and I have to break it. I am no more with wifey. We have gone our separate ways and I am a divorcee now.”

“It nearly made me go mad. I could go out to sell my choco mix product and will be absent minded until some of the market women shout my name.” He revealed.

Salinko got married to his beautiful wife, Nancy Owusu in 2017 in a beautiful wedding ceremony and used to mark their wedding anniversary each year with beautiful pictures until their divorce.

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