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List Of Waterfalls In Ghana And Their Locations

Waterfalls in Ghana

Waterfalls are just an example of how great God is and lucky enough, Ghana is blessed with quite a number of them. There are several waterfalls in various parts of the country that you can visit for sight seeing and you can also swim in most of them.

Hence if you are here looking for a waterfall in Ghana to visit, then worry no more as I provide you with a list of waterfalls in Ghana and their locations as well. You may have heard of some of these waterfalls like the popular ones i.e. Boti falls, Kintampo waterfalls, Wli Waterfalls etc. But there are many others you probably haven’t heard of hence this article will definetly be of help.

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Waterfalls In Ghana And Their Locations 

Wli Waterfalls 

The Wli Waterfalls is the highest waterfall in Ghana and in West Africa located 20km from Hohoe in the Volta region of Ghana. The waterfall is known locally in the Ewe Language as “Agoomatsa waterfalls” which means “Allow Me to Flow.”

It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the country and the journey is worth it as you get to walk through the Agumatsa wildlife sanctuary giving you the opportunity to see some monkeys, baboons, birds, fruit bats etc.

Due to its closeness to Mount Afadja which is the highest mountain in Ghana, most tourists first climb the mountain then head to the Wli waterfalls to cool off. Whiles at the falls, you could clearly see a large colony of bats up the cliffs clinging onto it and flying in he sky.

Kintampo Waterfalls 

The Kintampo waterfalls is another great and beautiful waterfall in Ghana you can visit. It is also referred to as “Sanders Falls” in the past.

The falls is located in the Bono East region on the Pumpum river which is a tributary of the Black Volta. The Kintampo waterfalls is a waterfalls like none other as it is made up of three main drops.

The last drop is where the fun really is as tourist gather beneath the falls and allow the drop to just fall on them to cool down.

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Boti Falls 

The Boti falls is located in Boti in the Yilo Krobo District in the Eastern region of Ghana. It is known as a twin waterfall classified as male and female and is 30 metres high (98 ft).

The falls is about 30 minutes drive from Koforidua and less than 2 hours drive from Accra. A trip to the Boti Falls offers tourists the opportunity to visit the mysterious but beautiful umbrella rock, the three headed palm tree among other side attractions.

Tagbo Waterfalls 

The Tagbo Waterfalls is one of the great sites you can visit in the Volta region. It is very close to Mount Afadja located at Liate Wote near Hohoe.

Most visitors or tourists who go to the Tagbo waterfalls also visit the Wli waterfalls and Mount Afadja due to the proximity.

The waterfalls drops in several stages with the last stage being about 60m high.

Tsenku Waterfalls 

Tsenku waterfalls, also known as “Wuruduwurudu” can be located within the Po stream valley in Dodowa in the Greater Accra region. It is joined by two other streams called “Popotsi” and “Sanyade”.

The waterfall is about 250 ft above sea level and runs on stratified rocks. It moves into a clean pool suitable for the growth of tilapia and contains a good amount of them.

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Fuller Waterfalls

The Fuller Waterfalls is another waterfall in Ghana you should visit. It is located in Yabraso near Kintampo.

It falls gently over a couple of cascades along the river Oyoko at Yabraso, the tributary of the Black Volta. The Fuller waterfalls was discovered by Rev. Fr. Joseph Panabang, a Filipino missionary in 1988.

The place was later used as a prayer ground by Father Panabang and his people till he left the town in 1998.


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