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Local Foods For Diabetic Patients.

foods for diabetic patients

There are general foods for diabetic patients which must be taken note of. However, this article looks at some local foods that are good for diabetic patients.

Diabetes is a disease that arises when ones blood sugar is too high. It is what many refer to as “sweet urine” and excessive muscle loss. 

When you are diagnosed of diabetes, it means your body is unable to properly use insulin. As a diabetic patient, there are certain foods you must avoid in order not increase your blood sugar level.

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Same way there are also certain foods you must increase it’s intake due to the nutrients it contains that helps in managing your condition.

Best Local Foods For Diabetic Patients

Check out these few local foods that are good for diabetic patients.


Foods for diabetic patients

Mpotompoto is one of the delicious dishes in Ghana. It is normally prepared with sweet potatoes, cocoyam or yam.

The sweet potatoes contain fiber, vitamin A, Vitamin C and Potassium that is good for diabetic patients.


Beans is another food that is good for diabetic patients due to the protein it provides. They help to reduce carbohydrate intake as it serves as a better option for blood regulation than many other starchy foods.

You can include the beans in your stew, chili or salad.


Whole grains contain a high level of fiber SND relatively more nutrients than refined grains.

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Foods rich in fiber is good for diabetic patients as it slows down the process of digestion. This is so because sugar levels become stable when there is slower absorption of nutrients.

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Grains like millet, brown rice, whole grain bread are foods that can easily be found in Ghana hence diabetic patients must increase it’s intake.


Green Leafy Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals and nutrients that have minimal impact on blood sugar levels. Research proves that green leafy vegetables are good for diabetic patients due to the starting digesting enzymes in them.

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Foods for diabetic patients They include cabbage, carrot, lettuce, nkontomire, moringa, spinach etc. These vegetables can be eaten as side dishes, salads, soups etc. You can also combine with lean protein like chicken.


Due to the omega-3 fatty acids contained in fatty fish, it is advised that a diabetic patient adds it to their diet.

Fatty Fish include Salmon, mackerel, tuna etc. It is also important to note that the fatty fish are smoked, grilled or baked rather than frying them.


in general, diabetic patients must limit food that are high in sugar and reduce the intake of carbohydrates.

Also eat less fat, salt and eat more whole grain foods, fruits and vegetables everyday.


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