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Louis Vuitton Floor Mats Prices In Ghana

A Louis Vuitton floor mats is one you’d definitely want to have in your car. It gives your car a touch of luxury. The luxurious floor mats is durable enough to withstand whatever dirt, mud, rains etc that enters your car.

These high grade and luxurious floor mats are manufactured by one of the best in the business who do not compromise their standards or quality for anything.

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Louis Vuitton Floor Mats can be purchased at approximately Gh¢195.00. Prices however vary from seller to seller hence expect prices to be between Gh¢180 – Gh¢250.

Tips For Buying Car Floor Mats 

Your car’s interior must matter to you just as the exterior does and one way you can make your interior look great is your floor mats. They help in making it easier to clean the interior whiles also giving it a nice look.

As a car owner, you need to consider the following tips;

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  • SIZE: Your floor carpet will look good in your car if it fits perfectly in the space. The type of car/vehicle will determine the size of floor mats you’d need.
  • COST: A floor mat shouldn’t be too expensive or higher than let’s say the cost of maintaining the vehicle. It is possible to get a high quality mat at an average cost.
  • THE INTERIOR DESIGN OF YOUR CAR: The interior design of your car should also he considered when buying a floor mat. Its best to buy a full set of mats for your car so your car get a uniform look. You wouldn’t want to leave some spaces left empty without a mat.

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  • MATERIAL: The material used in making the floor mats must be considered as you wouldn’t want to have a mat that soaks up water or difficult to clean. It is best to go in for mats made from rubber, carpet or PVC.
  • SURFACE: The surface of the floor mat must also be considered. An ideal floor mat must have a rough surface so that yourself or passengers such as kids do not slip when they enter your car.


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