Meet Kumawood Star Nsafoahemaa Oduma Odoom. [Photos]

Kumawood star Nsafoahemaa Oduma Odoom Ama is one of the top actresses in the industry. The name Nsafoahemaa suggests she is the “queen of keys”. She is also a script writer with over 100 movies to her name. The main role ghanaians know her for is gangster roles and she does it perfectly.

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Sadly, the Kumawood movie industry has been struggling for some time hence we have not been able to see much of her works. She is the scriptwriter behind the popular Abubro Nkosua TV series produced by Oheneyere Mercy Asiedu. Oduma Odoom is a good friend to Mercy Asiedu and her husband. Their relationship was so good that Mercy’s husband once organised a birthday party for her.

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The Kumawood movie industry will need people like Nsafoahemaa Oduma Odoom in order to regain it’s popularity. She has often been tagged as a weed smoker because of the roles she plays. An allegation she has denied and rightly so. It all goes to show how well she plays her roles.

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Take a look at these beautiful pictures of Kumawood star Nsafoahemaa Oduma Odoom Ama below.

Kumawood star Nsafoahemaa Kumawood star Nsafoahemaa Kumawood star Nsafoahemaa

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