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Meet The Sons Of Charles Agyin Asare Who Are Also Pastors. [Photos]

Meet the two sons of Bishop Charles Agyin Asare who are also into ministry you probably didn’t know about. The man of God has done a great job both in ministry and his family with his two sons being a perfect example.

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So just as God demanded of us to give birth to fill the corners of the earth, Bishop Charles Agyin Asare has done his part by giving birth to three great children. Children they say are blessings from God and what more can one ask for than being able to produce offsprings and  train or nurture them to become responsible adults.

Sons of Charles Agyin Asare
Dr. Selaise and Pastor Francis

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare does not only preach the gospel to his congregation but to his household as well. Ask me how? Over the years, there is this perception that children of pastors are mostly wayward. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case in the Agyin Asare’s family. It was made possible because he was able to minister to his family as well so they can live Christ like life.

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Bishop Charles Agyin Asare like you all know is the head pastor of Perez Chapel International but what you may not know is that his two sons are pastors as well. The man of God has three children ie. two boys and a girl. However the focus is only on his two sons who are following his footsteps.

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His first son is by the name Dr. Selaise Esar Agyin Asare who is a Medical Doctor by profession and a Pastor by calling. Pastor Francis Agyin Asare is the younger brother of Dr. Selaise. He is an author, entrepreneur and a sexual purity coach.

Sons of Charles Agyin Asare

Sons of Charles Agyin Asare
Dr. Selasie and his wife

Sons of Charles Agyin Asare

Pastor Francis and his wife
Pastor Francis and Bishop Charles Agyin Asare


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