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Mobile Money Lending Apps In Ghana.

Mobile Money lending apps

Money lending is not a new thing and it’s not going away anytime soon. Everyone will need a loan at some point in time.

There are quite a number of mobile money lending apps in Ghana that are helping people in their time of need. Even the rich go for loans occasionally. However in going for loan, one must consider which loans are best for them.

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There is no shame in going for a loan if you plan on paying back as agreed. Hence we have carefully put together top mobile money lending apps in Ghana you can check out.

List of Mobile Money Lending Apps In Ghana 

Mobile money lending apps FIDO MICRO CREDIT LTD 

Fido Micro Credit is a financial institution based in Accra-Ghana. It is licensed by Bank of Ghana and provides short-term loans called FIDO Loans.

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Customers can apply for a FIDO Loan directly from their own mobile device and receive a credit decision within minutes.

All the customer needs is one-time verification of ID and mobile money account for disbursement of the money.

NB: No collateral or guarantors are required.


MTN is widely regarded as the go-to avenue for instant loan in Ghana.

With MTN Mobile Money App, customers can choose between Quick loan, Ahomka Loan and Express loan. No collateral needed.


Getting access to loans on Palmcredit Loan is not dependant on one’s employment status. You can request for loan on Palmcredit whether employed or unemployed.

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The app offers flexible loan products within minutes. All you have to do is to register, get approval and then disbursement into your account.


Paylater loan app is yet another money lending app in Ghana that offers instant mobile money loans in Ghana.

It offers short-term loans to help cover unexpected expenses or urgent cash needs. No collateral, guarantor or application fees required.


Quickcheck loan app is an automated lending service focused on increasing access to credit for individual borrowers. Small business enterprises can also access loans on the quickcheck loan app.

Loans comes at an interest rate of 1% daily for the number of days you will be holding the loan. (30 days maximum)


Bloomkash offers instant mobile money loans in Ghana. It makes cash available to customers anytime and anywhere.

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Borrowers must pay back loan from 91 to 365 days. Loans at bloomkash comes at an interest rate of 0.1% to 1% daily.


Aella Credit loan app is one of the top mobile money lending apps in Ghana. Accessing loan on the app requires just about six (6) simple steps.

  1. Download Aella App
  2. Create your account
  3. Update your profile
  4. Check eligibility
  5. Apply for loan
  6. Receive funds in your account.


Access bank payday loan is a quick Loan facility for salaried workers. The payday loan has been made available to workers who may need some cash for an emergency quickly and seamlessly.

All you need is to dial *901*11# on your phone any day and anytime.


GTBank Quick Credit allows customers to access instant cash on the phone. One must be an account holder to be able to request for loan.

To access Loans using your phone, dial *737*0# , select payday credit and agree to the terms and conditions.

Next thing is to enter the amount you want to borrow and the bank will credit your account with money instantly.


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