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Mount Afadja (Afadjato) – All You Need To Know

Mount Afadja

The Mount Afadja is the highest mountain in Ghana and undoubtedly the most popular in the country as well. However, most Ghanaians still do not know much about this great mountain and often ends up calling it wrongly.

Therefore, this article is for such persons who have little to no information about the mountain and tourists who wish to know more about it before embarking on their hiking expedition

Correct Name 

The mountain is called “Afadja” hence the correct name is “Mount Afadja” or simply “Afadjato”. “to” in Ewe means mountain hence there is no need to repeat it by calling it Mountain Afadjato. Just Mount Afadja or Afadjato is correct.

However most Ghanaians end up getting the name wrong all the time by calling it Mountain Afadjato which is a repetition of the same thing.

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About Mount Afadja 

Mount Afadja is the highest mountain in Ghana located in the Agumatsa Range in the Volta region of Ghana. It can be found near Liate Wote and Gbledi Gbogame in the Afadjato South District and Hohoe. Part of the mountain extends into Togo.

The Mountain is about 885 metres which is 2,904 ft above sea level. Climbing this great mountain is a fun experience everyone will want to have and it should take not less than 2 hours to reah its apex. It is less difficult descending from the mountain though although you should be careful not to slip and fall.

However, the experience is definitely worth the effort. When you manage to climb to the top of the mountain, you could see the Mount Aduadu which is located 3.5 kilometers to the east.

Travelling from Accra to the mountain is about 178 kilometers northeast and 178 kilometers northwest of Lomé.

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According to history, the mountain derives it’s name from water yam and the small hills that are made to plant them. Water yam in Ewe is “Avadze” whereas the hills/mounds which in this case the mountain is called “to”. It is believed that when the locals first came to the place, the mountain looked like the hills on which water yam is planted.

Hence the name “avadze-to”, which has now been adopted as “Afadjato”. As we speak, the mountain is the most visited tourist attraction in the Volta region and one of the most visited in the country.

It also has the Tagbo Falls and Wli Falls which is the highest in West Africa around the area hence tourists can visit all sites just on one trip making the experience a great one. The best thing is to first climb the mountain then head to the Wli water falls for example to swim to cool down after the exhausting ascending and descending of the Afadjato.

There are also other smaller water falls, streams and many caves in the area as well.


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