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Mountains In Ghana, Their Heights And Locations

Mountains in Ghana

There are several mountains in Ghana that will be great for sight seeing and hiking. However for a lack of space and time, I’m going to only list some top mountains in Ghana, heights and locations you may want to check out.

The most popular mountain in Ghana which is also the highest in Ghana is the Mount Afadjato which is located in the Volta region of Ghana. However, there are other several mountains in the country that you may want to visit and possibly climb to its highest point as well.

List of Mountains In Ghana 

As I mentioned earlier, I can’t possibly list all the mountains in the country due to its number and time. However, these are the top ones you may want to visit.

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Mount Afadjato

The actual name should be “Mount Afadja”. However, tourists and ghanaians as a whole normally call it “Mount Afadjato”. It is the highest mountain in Ghana and the most popular mountain in the country.

Mount Afadja is about 885 metres above sea level and is the highest point in Ghana. It is located in the Hohoe at the South-East part of the town. It is specifically located near two villages that border with Togo.

Kwamisa Mountain 

The Kwamisa Mountain is a mountain in Ghana located in the Ahafo region of Ghana. It is about 788m above sea level which is 2,585 ft.

The Kwamisa mountain can be found near Subranum and Ahiruam. Human activities nearly threatened it’s natural existence but the Apro River Forest Reserve and the Kwansima Forest Reserve have both helped in protecting it.

Mount Edouka 

Mount Edouka is one of the highest mountains in Ghana that is about 785 metres above sea level. The mountain can be found in Eastern Ghana with part of it in Badou, a town in Togo.

It is a great place to visit and has other smaller mountains around it. There is human settlement around the mountain as well who benefit from the forest that surrounds the mountain.

As is expected from any other jungle, you should expect to come across some birds, monkeys, some snakes, etc in there. However, they are not so discouraging to prevent you from climbing to the peak.

Mount Aduadu 

The Mount Aduadu is the third highest mountain in Ghana located in the Agumatsa Range near Wli, Liate Wote and Gblede in the Volta region.

Mount Aduadu is about 746 metres (2,448 ft) above sea level and can be seen from Mount Afadja.

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Mount Atiwiredu 

The Mount Atiwiredu can be located in Eastern Ghana in Akyem-Abuakwa. It is about 2,540 ft above sea level making it one of the highest mountains in Ghana.

The Atiwa range has all kinds of birds in it that makes for a good sightseeing and the reserves are under the protection of the Forestry Commission of Ghana.

The river Ayensu, Birim and Densu serves as the source of water for the Atewa range with the river Birim aiding in the mining of diamond in the area.

Atwea Mountains 

The Atwea Mountains is another popular mountain in Ghana located in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It is specifically located in the Abaasua community in the Sekyere Central District of the Ashanti region.

The place is well known for being a go-to location for prayers by many Christians in the country.

Atwea Mountains is believed to have been discovered in 1964 by Rev. Abraham Osei Assibey who was a Methodist priest.

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Mount Gemi 

Mount Gemi is another great mountain in Ghana you may want to visit which is perfect for hiking. It is located in Amedzofe in the Volta region of Ghana. Mount Gemi is about 800 metres above sea level.

The mountain was initially called mountain Gayito by the locals which means “God Defends”.

However, the name was later changed to Mount Gemi, an acronym for German Evangelical Missions Institute. The German missionaries mounted a tall cross made of iron on the apex of the mountain back in 1939 and it is still there as we speak.

Aburi Mountains 

The Aburi Mountains is another popular mountain in Ghana located in the Eastern region of Ghana. It’s proximity to Accra and the roads that go up the mountains makes it a go-to location for health walks and aerobics.

The sight from up the mountains is a thing of beauty. Hence if you’ve not yet being to the Aburi Mountains, then you should probably do so soon and you will love the experience.


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