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“Never Be Afraid To Snatch Good Men From Careless Women” – Nollywood Star Advises

Sarah Martins

Nollywood star, Chukwukere Sarah Ujunwa, known for her controversial nature has made another controversial comments where she sort of tries to advise ladies out there to snatch good men from careless women.

The ever beautiful Chukwukere Sarah Ujunwa, popularly known as Sarah Martis has been making the headlines due to these recent comments by her with a section of netizens blasting her for promoting prosmicuity.

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According to her, men deserve to be loved by other ladies if they are not getting enough love from their wives or women. She then urged ladies not to be  scared to snatch good men from careless women if they want to.

She made these comments on her official instagram account a few days ago and has received a lot of engagement since then.

Sarah Martins wrote “Never be afraid to snatch a good man from a lousy and careless woman! He deserves to be loved right.”


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