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Nurse Assistant Clinical Salary In Ghana

Nurse Assistant Clinical Salary In Ghana

The nursing profession is one of the respected professions in Ghana. However, do you know how much they receive as salary each month? Are they underpaid or it’s good enough? Well, this write up will let you have an idea of what nurse assistant clinical salary in Ghana is.

For the record, not all the ladies you see at the hospital are nurses or have the same rank. There are levels to it and can be identified by the type of uniform they wear and what their job description is which also determines their salary as well.

But since today’s article is about Nurse assistants, then let’s stick to it as I work on another article that differentiates the types of nurses and their uniforms in Ghana so you can easily identify them when you see them at the hospital or in town.

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Who Is A Nurse Assistant? 

A nurse assistant is basically an assistant to a registered nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). They do virtually everything that a registered nurse does in terms of the provision of care to patients. However, they do so under the supervision of their superiors ie. Registered nurse or a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Their job description includes helping out patients in their bathing, dressing, feeding, etc. They are basically the ones in charge of providing basic care to clients who cannot do certain things by themselves.

Nurse assistants are very critical in the provision of health care hence if you wish to be one, then you must be ready to listen to the needs of your patients and attend to them to the later so their health can improve.

How Can I Become A Nurse Assistant In Ghana? 

It is not enough to have the passion for nursing or to become a nurse assistant.  You must pass through training to become a certified nursing assistant.

In Ghana, you must attend a Nursing and midwifery school where you will enrol for a two year Diploma course to become a certified nurse assistant after which you’ll have to pass your licensure exams.

How To Identify A Nurse Assistant 

The Nurse assistants uniform in Ghana is Green. However, unlike the others, the colar of a nurse assistant is also Green. Aside that, they can wear scrubs which comes in different colours and designs whiles on duty hence you can only easily identify them in their Green uniform or they tell you.

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What Is A Nurse Assistant Clinical Salary In Ghana?

As is the case in almost every body under government’s payroll, nurse assistants also do not earn much looking at the high cost of living in the country. Nursing assistants earn more than community nurses but earn lesser than registered nurses and midwives.

A nurse assistant clinical salary in Ghana currently is approximately between Ghs1,350 to 1,500. 

Looking at the work they do, that amount isn’t enough but they have no choice than to stay and bargain for better salaries every now and then.



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