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PA System Price In Ghana

PA system price in Ghana vary depending on the type,size, quality etc. In this article, we will be giving you a few prices that will give you a fair idea of what to expect on the market.

But before going into the pricing, let’s first understand what a PA system is;

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A Public Address System, popularly known as PA System is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers and related equipment.

What it does is to increase the volume or loudness of a human voice, musical instruments, music etc.

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PA system are normally used at public venues or gathering where it requires that an announcer, performer etc  is audible enough to be heard at a large distance.

Typical places where PA Systems can be used are Sports Stadiums, Live or Recorded music venues and events or public transportation facilities and vehicles.

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Sample Prices Of PA Systems In Ghana 

  • Pyle Pro PPHP1599WU 15″ 1600W Bluetooth 4.0 Loudspeaker System with Dual Wireless Hand held microphones – GH¢1,771.79
  • Pyle Pro PPHP1299WU 12″ 2-Way 1000W Portable Bluetooth PA Speaker with Two Wireless handheld microphones – Gh¢1,576.46

PA System Price

  • The Pyle Pro 800W Dual-Channel Wireless Rechargeable Portable PA Kit with Bluetooth Adapter/Receiver – GH¢1,360.40
  • Pyle Pro 400W Rechargeable Bluetooth PA System with wireless microphone – GH¢1004.82

PA System Price

  • Pyle Pro PWMA 1090UI 800W Dual-Channel Wireless Rechargeable Portable PA System -GH¢1,366.25

PA System Price

  • Fender Passport Venue Series 2 Portable Powered PA System 600W – GH¢6,100.94
  • Pyle Pro PPHP109WMU 10″ 2-Way 1000W Bluetooth-Enabled PA Loudspeaker system with wireless handheld & headset microphones – GH¢945.32

PA System Price

NB: Like every commodity or product, PA system price in Ghana keeps changing over time. However, these prices will help you in budgeting so you know what to expect when making a purchase.


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